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Best Ways To Celebrate Birthdays On Campus
20 May 2017

Best Way To Celebrate Birthdays On Campus

The feeling that a day is meant for you, is like the best feeling ever. Having the whole day to yourself even though it comes once in a year worth to be celebrated.

Apparently, the way birthdays would be celebrated at home will definitely be different from the way it would be celebrated on campus but you can still make the best out of it even though you have a core course examination that day. So here are some rookie steps on how to celebrate birthdays on campus:

1. Order you cake some days to your birthday and make sure you give clear information

2. Separate a cloth especially for that day

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3. Inform your friends

4. Plan ahead

5. On the D-day, go for photo-shoot with your friends

6. Organize a hangout (large or small) depending on your purchasing power

7. You can decide to stop by a restaurant and grab your dinner

With this am sure even your exam can’t be affected in case you have one.

Have a blast!

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