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17 Nov 2017


It is possible you start a job at a low-level. Computer literacy might not be included in the requirements for getting such a job, however, having a specific computer skill could stand you out when it is time for promotion within your place of work.


Being a computer literate at workplace could make your employers assign projects and tasks, which may look challenging to other employees without computer knowledge, to you. Computer literacy opens opportunities for an employee that possesses it to lead team works and special projects. Some employers call upon employees with effective computer skills to train new recruits or teach fellow employees on how to use the computer or how to go about certain computer programmes. Employers may also put an employee that is computer literate in a supervising position to assist other employees in using the computer more effectively and fixing computer related problems.


It suffices to say that computer training is also helpful for an employee’s personal development. Knowing how to access the internet on a computer will be very helpful in networking with specialists in your field of work for improvements and mentorship.  You might also decide to make a switch to another career or job; these transitions are easier for someone with computer knowledge than someone who does not have such knowledge since a computer literate can easily search for other jobs on a computer via the internet while at work without wondering about looking for job advertisements on boards and newspapers.


Computer literacy also increases the productivity at workplace; using the computer at workplace increases work performance. Apart from the importance of computer training to employees, small, medium and large firms can benefit a lot from integrating the computer technology into their businesses since the use of the computer technology accounts for a more organized, efficient and timely labour compared to having to do things manually.   Computers are used to facilitate productivity and can prevent employees from running out of energy and interest for the job.


They are also used for communication in offices. Workers and employers could connect on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. By so doing, they can leave messages for each other and also share information that may or may not be work related.


The computer technology at work could be used for communication among people at different locations; they can make use of multimedia such as sound and video interactions.


Providing computer training for new employees can give such employees the skills and confidence they require to effectively serve customers even from their first day on the job.


So far, we have seen that –  regardless of the kind of job you want – there are possibilities that computer will be a tool you will have to use. It is for your own good to be a computer literate; it will help you get a job, help you stay and get promotions on the job and it will help you advance in your career.


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