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2 Dec 2015

Being A Best Student – Is Your Belief Stopping You?

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Your beliefs are those firm opinions and convictions you have. They are those ideas and thoughts in your head that you consider to be truth.

Your beliefs also include what you think of other people and your environment.

Your beliefs influence the things you do or don’t do. And the things you do or don’t do influence the kind of life you’ll have.

As a student, your beliefs influence how well you will perform in your academics and in the other important departments of a student’s life.

Lame beliefs stops and hinders many students from becoming the best they can be. Lame beliefs about your academics, who you are, your inherent abilities and your future will shortchange you.

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Lame beliefs can even put a stop to a student’s life. For example, some students embrace cultism because they believe their membership will earn them respect; however, it earns them jail terms or death.

Female students who believe that the best way to ease the economic hardship of student life is be part-time prostitutes have got lame beliefs.

Some lame beliefs like the last two examples can be quite obvious to identify. But there are certain lame beliefs that appear appealing and subtle. They could slip pass your radar and become your best bodies.

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On campus, some of the subtle lame beliefs are passed down to us by our seniors and even lecturers.

For example, I was made students in a particular department are made to believe that it is impossible to graduate with a first class result. Or that scoring the maximum point (5 points) can never happen.

Some of us were made to believe that a carry-over is a must for every engineering student.

Lame beliefs: how to identify them?
Lame beliefs are majorly characterized by negativity.

They usually appear with words like “can’t”, “hard”, “difficult” and “impossible”.

Lame beliefs affect your mind and making you to under estimate your abilities to be a star student.

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The two main beliefs academically succeeding student has
Like I always say, the best student in your class knows something you are yet to know.

Students who are succeeding in their academics have got to main beliefs and they are:
1. My next academic performance can be better than the present

  1. I have the power to make it so

Begin to watch your beliefs. What are those thoughts and ideas you are nursing in your head that’s limiting your ability to be a star student?

Start to see possibilities in all that your lecturers and other students consider impossible.

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