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25 Nov 2017


Here are some traits one must adopt to become a good student;

  • ASSERTIVENESS: Many students find it difficult standing for what they believe. Being upfront, not mean, can aid stating your stand in situations. It should however, be noted that there are only two ways to bring out what is within you[thoughts]; by means of speech and by means of action. The latter has the flaw of being misinterpreted sometimes. But the former however states exactly how a person feels, as well as thoughts conceived. Assertiveness brings to light ones need, concerns, hopes and also opinions on issues. Assertiveness cannot be achieved without Self Confidence. This is because just as it takes Self Confidence to believe in one’s self, it also takes assertiveness to be able to convince anyone of an idea. Without the Self Confidence, the Assertiveness cannot be achieved.
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  • OPTIMISM: The basic difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that an optimist sees opportunities where a pessimist sees obstacles. Being optimistic allows you to weigh the possible options and also create more for yourself instead of giving up. An optimist believes that there is always a way out! Most times, people mistake pessimism for realism, however, it should be noted that realists see things the way they are and in no other way while Pessimists see things in a more negative way.


  • COURAGE: This is simply ‘strength in the face of pain or grief’. It is what helps one carry on even when it seems in life that all hope is lost and it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Courage is what keeps one standing even when ones knees are shaking. It is as a result of great focus on one’s goals. It pushes one to attaining goals regardless of how far away they are from them.
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  • GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR: This might sound funny, but, possesses a lot of truth. This is because while relating with people, it is necessary to know that everyone has different problems and when expecting things and favours from them, one has to possess the ability to break them. This comes into play during communication. Just as it has been brought to notice that no man is an island, developing a sense of humour could aid in communication in order to make the other person or people quite comfortable which would, of course, aid the disbursement of ideas.
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  • SELF EVALUATION: Lots of things are responsible in building the mind of a good student. However it is important to, at some point in time, evaluate and reevaluate if necessary, to get feedbacks on endeavours and Behaviors. Self Esteem should be checked, Responsibility [taking the praise as well as blame for anything that goes on in one’s life] ensured, not forgetting Emotional sustainability. Self Evaluation aids one to becoming better. It serves as a yard stick for measuring the level of development and how far it is from the predefined goal.


Think about it.

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