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5 Oct 2017

Ashinaga Fully-funded Undergraduate Scholarships for Orphans from sub-Saharan Africa 2018

Ashinaga, Japan-based non-benefit association offers grant to understudies from select African nations to consider for college degrees at the world’s driving colleges in nations, for example, Japan, US, UK and so forth

Application Deadline: 25th February 2018

Offered every year? Indeed

Qualified Field of Study: courses offered at hopeful’s decision higher foundation

To be taken at (nation): Higher foundations outside of Africa, in nations, for example, Japan, US, UK and so forth

Qualified Countries: Angola, Botswana, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

About Scholarship: Ashinaga presents the “Ashinaga Africa Initiative” meaning to give advanced education to 20 splendid understudies from Sub-Saharan African nations every year, some of which are among the poorest on the planet, and urge them to end up plainly driving experts in their own nations.

We look and screen for potential applicants: stranded or deprived understudies with scholarly potential yet who can’t afford to apply to college. We furnish them with a concentrated report camp for a half year at Ashinaga’s office, Kokorojuku, in Uganda and Senegal, where they are given committed help and help with their investigation of different subjects and dialects, as they plan to apply to exceedingly positioned colleges around the globe. We likewise furnish them with a full grant and everyday costs for a long time amid their examinations abroad.

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We hope to see these youthful, instructed individuals backpedal to their own nations and build up law based and satisfied social orders, bringing individuals a higher national pay and top notch training. This development will in the long run add to the general prosperity of Sub-Saharan nations by breaking the cycle of destitution, despite the fact that the impacts won’t be quick, as they are when nourishment or hardware is given.

There is a theory that the African populace will grow to more than three billion before this present century’s over. We accept on the off chance that we can make a splendid future for Africa, a landmass with so much potential, humankind’s worldwide prospects will be brilliant also.

Ashinaga is a Japan-based not-for-profit association, which gives instructive and enthusiastic help to stranded understudies. The association has bolstered more than 95,000 vagrants over the most recent 45 years, and a considerable lot of its graduates are currently adding to society in an assortment of fields over the world.

Offered Since: 2014

Sort: undergrad

Qualification: Applicants must:

Be a vagrant, having lost one or the two guardians

Be 23 or more youthful, having been conceived after October 1, 1995

Include graduated secondary school inside the previous two years

Be focused on coming back to Sub-Saharan Africa once they have completed their examinations abroad

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Number of Scholarships: 20

Estimation of Scholarship: The Ashinaga (100-Year Vision) Scholarship gives a full grant that takes care of the expense of educational cost, convenience (amid the terms and get-away), protection, flight, and gives month to month stipend which covers sustenance and vital scholastic expenses.

Term of Scholarship: for the time of undergrad considers

Step by step instructions to Apply: There are three approaches to apply for the Ashinaga Africa Initiative, in spite of the fact that the Program lean towards online applications or those sent by email. There is no application expense, and you should never pay anybody to apply or to apply for your sake.

Finished application form

Working email address and phone number

Report demonstrating the passing of one or the two guardians, for example, a demise declaration

Confirmation of age, for example, a birth declaration, national ID or identification

Auxiliary sch

ool/secondary school graduation endorsement

Results from conclusive national exams

Scholarly report cards from the most recent two years of secondary school/auxiliary school

Suggestion letter from a key or educator

International ID style photograph of yourself

Both papers depicted beneath


If you don’t mind sort/compose utilizing a different sheet of paper. In the event that you handwrite your articles, please write in print and with dark ink. Articles composed with pencils won’t be acknowledged.

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Article 1: Please portray how you grew up and experienced losing your parent(s). What challenges have you looked after the loss of your parent(s) and what have you done keeping in mind the end goal to defeat them? It would be ideal if you write in detail, particularly the moves you made to proceed and further your training. (Greatest 500 words)

Article 2: Please depict the objectives you wish to accomplish in the wake of moving on from college abroad. Blueprint how the abilities and information you pick up from a college degree would enable you to achieve your objectives when you come back to Sub-Saharan Africa. (Most extreme 500 words)

Keep in mind that these papers are close to home—they are about you thus should just be composed by you. Ashinaga is occupied with how you take advantage of what is accessible to you.

Visit Scholarship Webpage for Details

Honor Sponsors: Ashinaga.

Critical Note: Please take note of that in the event that you apply by post, all submitted archives won’t be come back to you. Therefore, you should send duplicates of reports ONLY.

This application and the determination procedure are FREE. Any individual asking for installment at any phase of the procedure, does without wanting to, and ought not be paid.

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