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14 Jul 2015

As A Student – Why You Must Always Have A Pen

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This piece will probably sound somewhat like a joke but it’s actually a matter of fact that should not be handled with weak grasp. As the elders would say, keep it in your left hand so you wont swallow it with some balls of eba.

Students, mostly unserious ones will always complain of lost pen and hardly will they bring a pen to class. And by the time they raise up those two fingers after the thumb right in the middle of the class, everybody knows the pen borrower is at it again. That is bad! Read along, As A Student – Why You Must Always Have A Pen.

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If you don’t have a pen, you won’t be able to write note in class, if you don’t write note, you won’t have note, if you don’t have note, you won’t study, if you don’t study, your head will be empty, if your head is empty, you will fail, if you fail, no graduation, without graduation , you will have no certificate. The thread continues…. Without certificate, you will have no job, without job, no money, without money, no food, without food, you get skinny..If you have ever seen an hunger-driven skinny man then you will know ugliness is the next step.

ugly man

ugly man

Once you are ugly and cashless, no lover, without lover, no marriage, without marriage, no children, without children and money, you tend to be alone as people will only follow you when you have lickable oil on your fingers. Loneliness leads to depression, depression leads to sickness, sickness leads to DEATH. God forbid! But grab the moral lesson : Do not lose your pen!


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