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26 Jul 2017

Advantages of Getting Higher Education in Asia

Advantages of Getting Higher Education in Asia

It wasn’t so long ago that every Asian student that wanted to get a serious education came over to the west. That’s changing. Not only are Asian students getting less interested in what is on offer in the west, western students are becoming more interested in studying in Asia as well. Today we’re going to look at some of the biggest reasons why – both from a personal and from a career perspective.

In that way, if you’re considering where to study, you’ll be entering into it with a good idea of what’s going on and what’s possible. And if you’ve already decided to study in Asia? Well, then obviously this will let you slap yourself on the back for making such a great and wonderful choice! And there’s always a little fun to be had in a modest bit of self-congratulation, don’t you think?

So let’s get to it!

The high ranking of Asian universities

Every year the world’s universities of the world are ranked against each other and every year the dominance of the western universities looks less assured. Sure, the majority is still western (or, should I say, British and American) but ever more Asian universities are climbing up there. For example, two Singaporean universities have already cracked the top twenty.  

That on its own is already something. Considering there is generally a bias in these kinds of programs towards western institutions (as they’re almost inevitably set up by western groups) and you can see that already western universities are getting a run for their money.

And so, if you’re looking for a perspective that’s a bit different, but still incredibly high quality, the Asian universities are a great choice.

Travel broadens the mind

There is a lot of scientific evidence that demonstrates how good travel is good for the mind. It makes you more creative, broadens your understanding of the world and also makes it easier for you to engage with other cultures. These are all incredibly useful skills as the world continues to further integrate and technologies continues to disrupt and change the landscape.

In this way, going to Asia isn’t just good in terms of the university that you’re going to go to, but also is incredibly useful in terms of the personal development that you’re going to go through. It will allow you to come back a more fully rounded person. And that will help you in all walks of life, both personal and in your career.

You understand more about different cultures

It isn’t just your creativity and your flexibility that will increase, but also your understanding of how different cultures have different values and emphasize different qualities. And that’s important, as few people like it when another person waltzes right over what they think is important.

It isn’t just that, either. The truth is that whatever culture you come from, you’ve probably been told that its values and the way it functions are the best values and way for a culture to function in the world. It won’t even need to have been told to you explicitly. It is something that you get fed implicitly along with the language and the lessons you get taught.

There really is only one way to get past that and that is to travel. Only then can you see that other cultures have values and ideas that are in many ways just as good as your own. That doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to adopt them (I sitting on tatami mats, for example, but I still eat at a table). But it does mean you can learn to respect them, appreciate them and consider them as you go about your business and your life.

And that’s a vital skill if you want to work on the international stage.

It’s cheaper

The prices that western universities charge are, to put it politely, highway robbery. In many other countries what you pay for tuition for one year in the US you can live (yes, not pay tuition but live) for the entire time your degree takes. And yes, that even includes flights back and forth on special holidays.

So if you’re in a situation where you either don’t have the money to study in Europe or the US, or you don’t want to be saddled with enough debt to be busy paying that off until you’re a 101, then Asian countries are a great choice to go. The same amount of quality for a great deal less money.

Learn another language

To be clear, Asian languages are not that easy to learn for westerners. This is because they’re further away from the languages we’re used to than others are. At the same time, if you do manage to learn something like Japanese, Chinese or Hindi you’re going to have a real leg up. After all, the market share that the Asian economies hold is growing by the year. That means that not just their economic but also their political significance is growing.

And having an inside track by being able to speak one of their languages can be a huge thing in the years to come. Nice right?

It doesn’t end there. People that learn additional languages have a whole washing list of additional benefits. For example, people that learn additional languages have better memory, are more creative and more intelligent, stave of dementia for longer and (this one will really surprise you) speak an extra language! And there are plenty of apps to help you out while you’re learning so check out the best websites like getacademichelp.com to get aboard the language train.

The food, oh god, the food

If you’ve never been to Asia then you’ve never had Asian food. Sure, you might have been to restaurants with Asian names, but 9 times out of 10 what they’ve served you is somewhere in between Asian and your own culture. And that’s really a shame because Asia is chock full of cuisines that give the best western food a run for their money.

Here I’m talking about Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese for example. And that’s really not the end of it. And the good news? You don’t have to eat it every day because the Asians have borrowed liberally from the west and so you can get your home-cooked meals as well. Really, Asia is the Mecca of food. There is no doubt about it. And it’s cheap too, with the hawker and food courts of the area letting you get a good meal for a few dollars. Now that’s great news when you’re studying and on a budget!

The world is changing

As I mentioned above, the balance of power in the world is shifting. This is particularly true now that the US has a president with isolationist tendencies and who wants to rip up agreements, as this means other countries are going to make agreements with each other in order to protect their interests.

This means that in many ten or twenty year’s time the balance will be in Asia’s favor for a long time to come. By starting your studies out there today, you’re going to have a leg up on the competition. After all, when those years roll around the universities out there will be calling the shots and drawing in the talent. That means your degree will be incredibly valuable (nobody will think, ‘but he only attended when the schools weren’t yet that famous’).

In other words, today you can go study at these places for a fraction of the cost, even while you’ll be able to reap the benefits of attending what is seen as a premier university in a few years already. That amounts to having your cake and eating it too.  

You’ll be a step closer to residency

When you attend a university, then you’re going to get a long-term visa as well in that country. That’s really quite useful, as this can open up the door to applying for residency afterward. In many places, this is now becoming harder and harder, even while it’s getting more and more interesting to be able to live there as a lot of opportunities exist in these kinds of places.

No, don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your own passport for residency. It’s not like that. It just means that you can work and live in these countries as long as you like. In other words, it’s a second home.

That means you can start businesses there, work there without needing to jump through high hoops to get a visa (which means employers will be far more interested) and so forth.

Last words

Asia is it. It’s developing, interesting, significant and fascinating. What’s more, in not too long most of it will be too expensive to be able to slum it on a limited budget. So go now, while you still can. You’ll be able to get a quality education often for a fraction of the cost and (with the cheap flights) be able to check out huge swaths of it on a budget.

It’s also great for your career, as you’ll be on the inside track at many companies. After all, they want people who understand their culture, while still bringing useful skills to the table. And that’s a lot more likely to be you if you can show you have cross-cultural experiences and understandings.

And to that argument that it’s too far away, remind your parents that flights now connect everything and everywhere for near to no money. That means they can come visit and that they can do so without breaking the bank. In this way, they won’t just be able to see their favorite child, but also get to check out an exotic location. What’s not to love?

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