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4 Jan 2016

Adult Education In Nigeria – How To Make It Easy For You

Talking of Adult Education In Nigeria – How To Make It Easier For You.

After years hustling hard to make ends meet, it’s pretty hard for a Nigerian adult to think of education, but this cannot be wholly ruled out as some who truly have the passion for Nigerian education won’t hesitate to opt for adult education. But thinking of the stress, the tests and exams, reading and attending lectures, coupled with the thought of how children and wife(ves) will eat might be somewhat challenging. Especially very old and self employed ones, they find it harder leaving their respective businesses or work for school.

But no matter the price you pay for education, illiteracy is more expensive.  A wise man in irony would disagree though. Going back to school for adult education can be somehow stressful for the old ones but sit back and read along,  How To Make Adult Education In Nigeria Easier For You.

#1: Plan Your Study Time To Cooperate With Your Schedule

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Undoubtedly, you already have a filled up life before thinking of adult education. Not like the Nigerian youths whose primary job is going to school. You probably have a relationship, maybe married, children, and a full home to take care of. Now you have an extra task that consumes time, thereby your schedule needs to be re-visited. Therefore, you are going to strategically manage your study time to fix into your busy schedule.

Select the hours that make the most sense to you, be it midnight, early morning, afternoon or after dinner, then tick them occupied in your date book or time planner. You now have a time for yourself. The trick here is, when something springs up during those hours, stay adamant, decline politely and keep to your study time.

#2: Seek Financial Aids/Scholarships Or Work While You Study

If not that you just got paid by Nairabet, purchasing power is always an issue for almost every adult going back to school. But do not dull,  scholarships are not only meant for young students. There are many opportunities available to aid adult education. Search online for available scholarships, remember google is your friend, ask your adult school what kind of financial aid they offer for their adult students, and while you’re there, ask around about working on campus if you’ve got a few extra hours available for extra activities.

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adult education in nigeria

#3: Overcome Tests And Exam Anxiety

Regardless of how hard you studied, exams and tests can be stressful most times. There are lots of ways to manage your anxiety, though your best bet is to be fully prepared. Try and avoid cramming. Your brain will function more clearly if you read and understand.

#4: Sleep! Sleep!! Sleep!!!

Undisputably, one of the most important things while learning anything is to sleep well. Not only do you need the calmness and revitalization that sleeping provides, your brain also needs sleep to catalog learning. Researches have shown that people who sleep well score much higher than those who do not sleep well.

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#5: Look For a Support Group
The good news is that many of these adult schools have websites or organizations set up to support you and aid your adult education.

Get online and search for “non-traditional students” or E-learning platforms.
Branch at your school’s front office and ask if they have help in place for non-traditional students
Try introducing yourself to other adult students like yourself and make sure you support each other.

Don’t be shy and don’t be proud, it won’t help. Get involved. Almost every adult student has some of the same concerns like you do.

That should be all on Adult Education In Nigeria – How To Make It Easier For You. You love this? Then share it with others.


Good luck with your adult education in Nigeria.

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