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Image - University BSc VS Polytechnic HND [Eduregard.com]
5 Jul 2016

9 Reasons Why Nigerian Polytechnics Are Better Than Universities [Counter Post]

This is a counter thread to the thread: 9 Reasons Why Nigerian Universities are Better than Polytechnic:

Here are my own 9 Reasons why Nigerian Polytechnics are Better than Universities.

1. Easy of study: The polytechnic system is split into two programs; two years National Diploma (ND) and two years Higher National Diploma(HND) programs. Splitting the two program offers many people the chance to follow a step by step approach to education unlike the four or five year course duration in the university which is quite long and tiring. I have a boss, who after obtaining his ND, went to hustle, became an established CEO with what he has learnt and came back for HND 7 years after.

2. Entrepreneurial Skill: Because in Polytechnics, teaching is practical in nature, the students are more inclined in starting their own little business from the practical experience they have acquired. For example, a Quantity Surveying Student (ND) in my school can successfully start preparing Bills of Quantities. A Building Student with the little practical experience can specialize in a tiling business or any business he deems fit based on the experience he acquired while in school.


3. Equal Certificate: all polytechnic results have the same value either private, northern or eastern polytechnic . However, the varsity certificate are not equal and Federal University certificate is more valuable and wanted to any varsity certificate.

4. Change of Study or Environment: you can decide to change your course of study after your national diploma if there is any reason to do so. Moreso, you can run a national diploma course in Lagos and continue your HND in another polytechnic in any part of Nigeria. You can also go further to study in the university in any preferred state.


5. Easy Admission: there are some individuals who have been running after university for over 5 to 6 years without any breakthrough. Polytechnic have made admission easier, with one or two trials, you will conquer the problem of admission. People have now been enlightened to this and are now even taking poly as first choice.

6. Affordable School Fees: the polytechnic has made education affordable to all Nigerians unlike the varsity that some of them charge huge fees

7. Classroom Situations: in polytechnics, there are classroom situations in contrast with the universities which makes use of theatre halls and auditorium for lectures which are mostly overcrowded. This creates opportunity for better understanding.

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8. Pratical Approach to Teaching this is one thing we see often in a polytechnic setting. During my ND days, our project was to construct a workshop extension from foundation to the roof level with the next set taking the roofing of the project. A year two student in a university by then is still studying what is construction whereas a polytechnic ND II student of my course already has taken practicals on painting, carpentry, joinery, concrete and blockwork etc.

9. They are better in field works: due to the practical training in school and exposure during SIWES and IT, they tend to be better in field works than their BSc. Mates who most times are always hiding behind a desk.

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  1. Abumhenre Jerry

    What you just said is a little truth because, It may never be possible for a polytechnic to be better than university or equal to university, even the least university is still much better than the best polytechnic, and am saying this because i have studied in both of them and i can differentiate their standard.

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