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7 Jan 2016

8 Items Most Nigerian Undergraduates And Students Possess

There are Some Materials Almost All Nigerian University And Polytechnic Students Possess. Go around and look into their bags, purses or pockets, if you do not find one of theses, come back and quote me a fight.
#1 BOOKS : Even though this applies only to the averagely serious and serious students but it still applies. Because as the saying goes  ; “unwise is a farmer going to the farm without a cutlass” so also is a student without books.
#2 MONEY: Even though this is a no-brainer, anything you do in this world is related to money, get to think of it. Even the bible emphasizes in Ecclesiastes 10:19 that ”money answereth all things”. This item is all in all and very vital to the survival of every student on campus. With this item, you get to walk like a don on campus, you can get almost anything you want on campus, even grades. Due to this, some students resort to scamming their innocent parents at home just to get this item. Meanwhile, there are some and legal smart ways to earn money as a student.

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#3 STATIONERY: We talking of pencils, pen and all, they are very vital to the success of students on campus because we all know the faintest pen is more sharp compared to the sharpest brain, Infact, not having a as a student pen can actually lead to death, you think it’s a joke? Then read this post. Well, some might steal or hijack, whichever way, a student is always with some stationery.

pen as a nigerian student


#4 PHOTOCOPY OF NOTES: This is the order of the day on many Nigerian campuses. Those lazy students that hardly attend classes, or even attend and refuse to write notes, they resort to photocopying notes of the serious ones. Or the stingy ones who can’t buy the original copies of handouts, textbooks and past questions. No wonder you see photocopier machines littered all over school areas.

#5 PROVISIONS: This is actually the way some students survive without cooking on a Nigerian campus. They are very fond of provisions, saving their time and get them on the run in minutes . This item comes in handy more during exam or test periods, or when you have very early morning lectures by one of those sadist lecturers. Almost every student possess this.

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#6 GARRI: This item has been saving students life since 1914, that year of amalgamation. Garrium, G4, garrium di oxide as fondly refferred to as on Nigerian campuses,  is commonly found among students and in much abundance in the school hostels. When all hope seem down, Garri is always there for you. It is this item that keeps students on the track when they are broke or when they have exhausted their foodstuffs.

#7 MOBILE PHONES: If you are student without phone, you need help. With the world now going digital, turning into a global village, students can’t do but to communicate with their parents and loved ones with relative ease. At least a student has one, even Nokia Torch Light is  phone at its limited best. Gone are those olden days when if you wanted to communicate your parent you will have to write letter and wait for 3months to get a response, how is that possible? How did they cope? Thank God for technology.

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Lest I forget, not every school allows phone, some strange schools in some vantage areas of Nigeria or probably the world in general do not allow their students come in with phones, for what reason? For them to concentrate more? That justification is somewhat lame, they need an eye opener, probably an open letter.

#8 LAPTOP: This item is now so cheap, especially on Nigerian campuses, almost any interested student can get it. It is very useful, ranging from typing to assignments and projects. Also for the movie addicts.

Those are the  8 Items Almost All Nigerian University And Polytechnic Students Possess.

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