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24 Jul 2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Further Studies in the USA

7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Further Studies in the USA

The quality of education you receive usually defines your vocation. It can dictate what you can become and where you will flourish for the rest of your life.

For this reason, students aim to achieve a higher level of learning. They go to graduate schools that can help them develop excellent academic and practical expertise in their chosen field. Many students these days also pursue further studies abroad to gain a competitive edge over other job seekers.

The United States is still one of the best international student destinations. If you have plans to study abroad, you can find plenty of helpful resources on  how to study in the U.S online.

Why choose to study in the United States? Different students will have a variety of reasons for pursuing an advanced degree in this country; here are the top seven reasons you should keep in mind.

1.   The United States is globally recognized for academic excellence.

There is no doubt that the United States is known for having one of the most outstanding school systems in the world. If you’re in the graduate level, you will even have the opportunity to work directly with some of the most renowned experts in your chosen field of study.

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2.   There are diverse and flexible educational programs to choose from.

With the large number of universities and colleges established in the country, you will surely be able to find the most suitable program to achieve the higher level of learning you are aiming for. There are programs that put more emphasis on broadening educational principles. Other programs are centered on developing practical employment-related skills. You can also find programs that specialize in various areas like the arts, social sciences, and technical fields.

Moreover, you are able to choose from a wide variety of classes to suit your goals, your needs, and your interests. Being on an advanced educational level, you also have the advantage of being able to customize your coursework.

3.   There is training through teaching and research with pay.

The experiences you gain throughout your life offer an excellent way to gain valuable insights within your field. Universities welcome international students to bring new cultures, skills and ideas to the institution. As a graduate student, you will have the opportunity to become an assistant to undergraduates, either as a teacher or a researcher for certain projects.

With such a program for graduate students, you will also be able to finance your education while studying.

4.   International student graduates are in high demand.

With a global education and advanced degree from the United States, your skills, knowledge and experience essentially become marketable commodities. International student graduates are strong candidates that many international companies seek to hire. In some cases, even while you’re still completing the course, companies in the United States may already express their intention of working with you right after you receive your diploma.

Other in-demand courses include engineering courses. In fact, these courses also offer graduates the highest average starting salaries. As mentioned in Forbes, engineering degrees such as electrical engineering and mechanical engineering as well as computer science are the top fields on the payscale.

5.   There are equal learning opportunities and access to the latest technology.

It is vital for every student in the United States to be adept at using the latest technology no matter what field they are in. Universities provide their students the best possible resources, including technological equipment and techniques, in doing research. This makes it easier to obtain and process information as well as seamlessly collaborate with teachers, researchers, and experts across the globe.

6.   Institutions provide assistance and support services through the university international student office.

Being in a different environment, both culturally and academically, you’ll need some assistance to learn the ropes and adapt to American culture and education. You get to learn the ins and outs of living in America thanks to the assistance offered by the university international student office, regarding everything from visa issues to housing and health concerns, as well as financial matters and employment possibilities.

7.   You can enjoy the experience of a student life through clubs and organizations.

Finally, a good way to immerse yourself in American culture is by joining different associations and organizations within the campus. Furthermore, taking part in the social and cultural activities and events around you enriches the time you spend studying abroad. You get to meet new people and make new friends. You can also participate in various activities not only related to academics, but also to athletics and cultural aspects.


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Brian Giroux is an experienced college admissions advisor and co-founder of Capital College Consulting. Brian is a Professional Member of Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA). Brian has worked with students from over 30 countries to help provide guidance through the US admissions process.

Brian’s experience includes 18+ years in education serving multiple roles as educator, athletic director, and college admissions consultant.

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