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5 Jan 2016

5 Tips On How To Avoid Sleep When You Want To Read

Even though sleep is inevitable, but there are some  5 Tips On How To Avoid Sleep When You Want To Read.

That “Sleep” that you see is a normal demon that can spring up at some really unwanted days. It may be at school during some booooring lectures, it may get the usher tapping you to wake in church or even at work. Moreso, it might decide to disturb you at some point when you really need to read, or finish an assignment. How do you avoid sleep when you need to read? Sit back and read along, here are some  5 Tips On How To Avoid Sleep When You Want To Read : 


1. Listen To Music 

This is one of the advantages of Listening To Music While Reading, as it can help keep you awake and also boost your your level of concentration, get a Dre headphone and jam up all through your study time. Be mindful, you might also get carried away, instead of concentrating, you find yourself murmuring the confusing lyrics of Lil Wayne, so you need to know what you are doing. Also, there is nothing like headset if you are working with other people.


Study what kind of music works best for you. For some people it’s Raggae, some might be HipHop. For some it’s Rihana while some prefer Asa. It’s a highly individual choice, which can even vary for individual depending on the task at hand.

2. Take a Stroll While Reading

This is also one of the Tips On How To Read And Cram As A Student. Studies have shown that taking some minutes walk while studying can boost your energy levels and decrease fatigue, some of the causes of sleep. Low-impact exercise like strolling seems better in the case than high impact exercise, so you don’t have to do 100 push ups to see positive results. Also, people who exercise tend to be better mentally, so take a short walk while reading but don’t get lost in the act, return to your study in due time.

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3. Caffeine

Be careful with this as it should not be a daily act, caffeine tends to be addictive and not very healthy. But in case of last resort, one cup of coffee without milk can be a sleep chaser. Most caffeinated drinks contain chemicals that help increase your metabolism and keep you awake, long enough to read, or round off your assignment.

5 Tips On How To Avoid Sleep When You Want To Read


4. Avoid Cold Water

You have been deceived if they told you to  splash cold water on your face to revive you and save you from sleeping. But don’t forget to drink water throughout the day. Hydration leads to an increase in oxygen levels which boost energy and can keep your mind sharp.

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5. Eat Moderately

We are not talking of heavy food here though because they only make you drowsy. Snacks, fizzy drinks and the likes can also help you stay awake and avoid sleep while you read.  Eat moderate meals and healthy snacks throughout the day for sustained energy.

6. Fix Your Environment
Ensure that you have a proper lighting in your room. Keep your properties organized. If you study with a fan blowing right on your face, you are already asleep as it dries your eyes and make you sleepy.
That should be all on  5 Tips On How To Avoid Sleep When You Want To Read.
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