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22 Jun 2017

5+ Study Tips Which Computer Science Students Have to Know

I am so happy that computer science is becoming such a popular direction for many students because this is where the world is moving towards, as of now, it is one of the top 10 courses to study in Nigeria. We need as many good programmers as we can get and it is great that students are opting for this career choice. There will always be a need for computer science graduates because the internet is never going away. Let’s say you are one of those students who want to do well in your studies and learn as much as you can, here are some study tips to help you out.


  • Code is not the only writing


It is important to note that you will not solely be writing code when you are a computer science student. You might have to master writing normal language before you get to the juicier stuff. Many students hire a research proposal writing service, but you can totally do your own writing. Good writing skills will also come in handy later in your career. You might have to explain to a client what you are planning to do and not everybody understands code. Having the ability to write in simple terms so that someone understands is a skill you will have to learn early on.


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  • Maths is important


You are going to be required to do a lot of math during your course and this always comes as a surprise to some students. You might have research proposal papers that consist mostly of maths and you are going to have to master this. If you have not started your studying yet, I would advise you to brush up on your basic math skills. If you are a game programmer, you might be surprised how much of maths goes into creating a game.



  • No time to procrastinate


Do not underestimate this course and it is important that you keep up with the class. You are definitely not going to keep up if you are a procrastinator. Yes, you can always hire professional proposal writers, but it would feel so much better if you get your proposal done yourself. The same goes for assignment and tests. You are going to have to give this your all because it is so easy to fall behind. There are lots to learn in a short space of time and you want to have happy clients once you start your career.



  • Don’t expect to learn everything
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Unfortunately, you are not going to learn everything you need to know to become a brilliant programmer. There are some things you are going to figure out when you start working. I still see some programmers going to Google with some complicated dilemmas. With everything in life, nothing beats practice and real- life scenarios. You are going to have to put in some extra hours after class to familiarize yourself with what interest you. There are going to be questions that you are not getting answered and at these times, you are going to have to figure it out yourself.



  • Enjoy the process


It is very important that you enjoy your studies because you have to be passionate about something you want to do for a career. This challenge is not too big for you and you are able to become one of the top programmers in the near future. All studies are difficult, but you are going to have to do your best. A lot of money goes into studying and even though it should not be a factor to succeed, you do not want to lose what you put in. Visualize your life after your course and you would start feeling a lot more excited about your studies.


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You have chosen a great industry to work in and it is going to pay off in the end. For now, it is going to be a lot of hard work, but this time shall also pass. Don’t try to do this by yourself. You need to interact with your classmates and make this a great experience. Being a loner is going to make this even more difficult than it needs to be.

Find the right balance between school and life outside of your studies. Your mind needs a break from time to time and it is acceptable to still do some of the things you enjoy. Your studies are the priority but do not let life happen without you present. After your studies, you are going to have to learn how to balance work and your social life, so you might as well start learning now. Set up a few tasks for yourself while you are busy with your studies to learn as much as you can before you graduate. Good luck on this wonderful journey to becoming a great programmer.


John Smith is a guest post writer. His hobby is traveling, golf and history. John is an active and enthusiastic guy and enjoys his life.

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