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5 Reasons To Join Volunteer Programmes On Campus
15 Jun 2017

5 Reasons To Join Volunteer Programmes On Campus

A volunteer program means a program you join willingly without been enforced by a law or anything. The first reason to join a volunteer program is to boost your social life. Apparently, when you join a group especially on campus you tend to more social especially for those who love boring and personal life.

When you join a volunteer program take, for example, the MAN ‘O’ WAR, it develops a lot of things about you even to your appearance as you become more fitted due to the exercise and all but mostly it changes the you that you don’t like, it makes you think more and wider of which is expected of you as a student.

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Thirdly, you engage in them at your leisure time instead of doing nothing. I believe this is self-explanatory enough, instead of you sleeping all day doing nothing you engage yourself in the programs available on campus.

Fourthly, it helps to build what you have passion for, obviously when you join a volunteer program it’s definitely what you like and interested in, so I strongly believe all these programs helps in building one’s passion since your lecturer will not teach you all you need to build your dream but engaging in some programs will help.

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And lastly, it boosts your morale (espirit de corps), joining volunteer programs will boost your morale definitely and a morale in dictionary terms is “the capacity of people to maintain belief in an institution or a goal or even in one self and in others”.

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