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5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Master's Degree?
19 May 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Master’s Degree?

A lot of students in their final year do wonder: “Who masters degree epp?” Why would anyone want to go through the stress of obtaining a second degree when they could spend that time working or seeking employment? Is there really a significant difference between a bachelor’s certificate holder and a master’s certificate holder? We have pondered on these questions too and have researched on it. Here are five concrete reasons why we think you might need to consider opting for a master’s degree before seeking employment.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Master’s Degree?

1. Acquire professional skills: Postgraduate courses are loaded with lots of practice-based courses, as such, students tend to spend less time in classrooms and more at doing what had been taught in the classroom. Hence, professional skills and work ethics are “mastered”, making you more ready for work than ever. In other words, a master's degree gives you a stronger grip at the skills you will need in workplaces.

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2. Better employment opportunities: Bagging a bachelor’s degree is no longer a privilege reserved for the high and mighty in the society. In Nigeria, for example, a Federal government-owned school graduate about 5,000 students annually. Given the employment of 14%, only about 700 will be gainfully employed by two years after graduation. A master’s degree gives your potential employee an additional reason to give you the job. Why not stay above the crowds and opt for additional qualifications.

3. Pursue Your true passion: Undergraduate course works are laden with compulsory courses from fields that seem to be in no way related to yours. At the post master’s level, you learn how not to be a jack of all trade but a master at just one. Also, has there been a field of study you wanted to study professionally? Like, you studied a course not because you really wanted to, maybe because your parents wanted you to. Opting for a master’s degree gives you the freedom to choose from a broad range of career paths not limited by the faculty you graduated from. Thus, you can finally pursue your true passion professionally.

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4. Make contributions to knowledge: If you work hard enough, your master’s thesis could make a remarkable contribution to the body of knowledge in your field. You might be invited to share your discoveries at conferences and your work will soon be cited by others in their works and you might become a frontier of a new course within your field of study.

5. Get a higher salary: The unbeatable fact remains that with your post-graduate certificate, you are most certainly going to get a better paying job than the average bachelor’s degree holders in your field. At worst, you will be given a higher rank with you postgraduate certificate which automatically translates into a better remuneration and a few other benefits.

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