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6 Jul 2015

5 Disadvantages Of Dating An Accountant

This is an obvious counter post to 5 Advantages Of Dating An Accountant . As life is all about viewing matters from different vantage points so that nature and its consequences can be satisfied.

As earlier stated – An accountant is someone whose job is to keep, inspect and manage financial details and accounts. He also performs accounting functions such as audits or financial statement analysis and other related financial concerns.

You are probably considering marrying an accountant or deliberating on going on a dinner with one, here are 5 Disadvantages Of Dating To An Accountant.

  • Eyes glued to a screen and hands glued to an accounting calculating as he makes calculations and battle with financial endeavours all days and nights in order for the company to stay clear of bankruptcy – That summarises the lifestyle of an average accountant. They tend to keep to themselves all time as digits run through their brains, a lady dating such man will hardly enjoy him.

  • This is somehow related to the aforementioned point and it is a truth universally acknowledged that accountants are far from social butterflies. They prefer numbers to words and computers to humans. In other words, they represent everything but not a social freak. They spend most times indoors and hardly have time for picnics and cinemas. You had better be ready to go social alone if you want to date an accountant.

  • What do you expect?? After examining some of the advantages of dating them, most ladies do not think twice on the sight of a neatly dressed accountant. After much famzing and pestering from a busty lady, he might not be able to cope with the satanic challenge and therefore might not engage in the usual, “Hmmmm, I’m not single”. Instead, he would just smile and nod in agreement to the romantic head shot. Therefore, if you want to date an accountant, get ready for some competitions which might be so easy to cope with but only if you play your games right.

  • Someone who deals with delicate financial details which are meant to be questionable at times if the ogas at the top decide to play smart by deducting some fractions to benefit their already fat pocket. Tell me he’s not at risk of losing his job if he’s being called up to analyse the financial records. Coupled with this situation of the world where companies derive joy in sacking any potential looter. Ceteris Paribus, he’s home already.

  • This is not so funny as accountants give no dime without calculations. They deliberate back and forth before making a financial decision. They believe life without plans and targeted calculations is not worth living. Calculation of inflation rate arises before buying the kitchen requirements – I doubt if anyone will pray to have that kind of human as a life partner.

    That should be all on the 5 Disadvantages Of Dating An Accountant. Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to drop a comment for additions and queries.

    DISCLAIMER : The post is not in anyway meant to discourage anyone from dating or perhaps marrying an accountant. It is just an excerpt from the minds of a human like you which is likely to be wrong if matters were to be viewed from your own perspective.

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