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5 Benefits Of A School Library
5 May 2017

5 Benefits Of A School Library


The school library is the center of intellectual and social activities of the school and is the nucleus of the school environment. It is a sanctuary, a sanctum and a mine of treasure that accommodates divergent interests, varying attitudes, and individual capacities.

It is as the name implies, a place within a public/private institution of learning where students, staff and sometimes outsiders can access a variety of books, research materials and other resources on almost any academic field of study. It is an organized setting where books and materials can be sought with relative ease and it is without an iota of doubt, the only guaranteed place where accurate information can be gotten.

It is true that this is the 21st century, also dubbed the ‘internet age’ and that zillions of information on any topic can be accessed within seconds from almost anywhere in the world, but research have shown that even with the advent of the internet – ‘the information superhighway’, the library remains as relevant and in use as ever. Indeed, recent researchers have attested to this fact.

Buttressing the above point, it should be noted that although there are a tsunami of information online (there are millions of websites, blogs, online instructions, online videos that one could speak of a complete flood of information), much of the content is not free, reliable or accessible to a category of people, making the library the only place to locate reliable, authoritative and meaningful resources.

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For the sake of exposition, I’m going to attempt to discuss very briefly five benefits of a school library.

  • As noted above, a school library is probably the only the place where one can locate reliable, authoritative and meaningful resources, but much more than this, it enables students to get reference materials such as the encyclopedia, bibliographies, and periodicals and it affords one the chance to get specialized publications that are not yet available in electronic formats. One is also afforded the opportunity to get direct, in-depth information that just won’t show on the web regardless of the search engine’s prolificacy.
  • Generally, a school library provides the most conducive venue for knowledge acquisition (this is a fact that’s not subject to controversies) and the environment naturally provokes the mind to want to absorb a great deal of information not casually available elsewhere. As an institution, it also equips students with lifelong learning skills and develops the imagination
  • The school library also enables the students to prepare themselves when taking part in extracurricular activities such as taking part in debate, giving lectures and writing for the school magazine and it broadens their outlook by placing a vast sphere of information before them
  • Also worthy of mention is the fact that a school library encourages academic curiosity, innovation, and problem-solving. It is a central point for all kind of reading, cultural activities, access to information, deep thinking and lively discussions and it is a place where one inevitably meets like-minded people; thus providing the perfect platform to socialize, find study groups and make friends with those who could help one get better at studying and with different school works.
  • Lastly, a school library opens a world of wisdom for the student. The academic magazines, journals, and periodicals, to mention but a few keep the student aware of the latest development and a student can build his confidence by going through any of these materials which align with his/her interest. 

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