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10 Mar 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should for Sure Join NYSC

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NYSC is an acronym for National Youth Service Corps, and it is an organization started by the Nigerian Government. Many people want to know latest NYSC news, and it is confusing for people who do not understand this program. The main aim of starting this fraternity is to assist the graduates of the country in developing or uniting the nation. It began its operation right after the end of the civil war name Biafra in 1973.

The government encourages the participation of graduates and polytechnics from all the universities in the country. It is a program that requires one year of the participants time. They send the participants of this program to a city or village far from their native place and the home. They want them to mix up with people of other tribes and learn and appreciate their culture.

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Doing this will for sure bring them together and boost the unity of the people. Participants receive a three-week orientation right before they leave to their assigned areas. They conduct this orientation meeting in a military boot camp away from their native place and home. After completion of the program, participants receive passing out ceremony.

It is for sure exciting and thus attracting a lot of youth. These are the benefits that you will enjoy when you enroll.

Way to Become Self- Reliant: Those who participate in this program will become self-reliant after completing the program. Many students live in the comfort of their families in their house and hardly do anything before they join this program. When they enroll in this program, the first thing that they will miss is their family and the comfort of their home.

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They will learn to do things without the assistance of their family members. They will start to do many things on their own. When they are back from the program, they are ready to take employment and help themselves.

Become More Disciplined: Those who participate in this program will also become very disciplined. The participants will know how to prioritize their works and achieve the goals. They will know how to work in teams and how to mingle with people of different cadre and tribes. They will become more understanding and tolerant of people of all classes.


Can Work Anywhere: Since they have experience of staying in different places of the country, they get accustomed to different areas. They learn to survive anywhere eating foods from different cities. Post completion of the program, they will look out for employment opportunities across the country.

One Great Memory: Most of the people who participate in this programs love the experience they have in the one year. They relish the memories that they make by participating in the program. It will help them in taking right decisions in the future as a result of engaging in this program.

You should check the latest NYSC news to see the latest activities that they have introduced in the program.

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