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22 Jul 2015

4 Most Common Educational Scams Nowadays

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Though 419 victims may not be very well-educated when it comes detecting scams, the 419 swindlers are also smart enough to evade being caught. Scammers are all over the world wide web, looking for what to eat but in a dubious manner. This so-called scammers operate in a gang, ring or lone, and attends “scam school” or learn the tricks of the trade. That’s why we all need to be careful in our endeavours concerning how we deal with people online. Here are some 4 Most Common Educational Scams Nowadays.

  • WAEC/UTME SCORE UPGRADE : Though this sounds silly and should not be believed by anyone. We still see people who, in the process of trying to play smart by upgrading a failed exam, fall for this scam, all to later realise that it was all a fantasy. It is commonly seen around forums and comments section of targeted niche websites mainly to lure ignorant people into fallig for the scam. Watchout! Neither WAEC nor JAMB upgrades scores for students, do not let anyone deceive you, it’s pure scam.
  • STUDY IN UK : Someone who is barely educated will come online and promise you a course in Harvard university. Who believes that? They then ask for a particular sum of money to probably feed their hungry stomach and save them from dying of hunger the following days. This kind of scam is somewhat easy to tell but not everyone would know,
  • PROMISING YOU JOB IN A COUNTRY THEY HAVE PROBABLY NEVER BEEN TO : This is common on professional networking websites like Linkedin. The scammers are all over there with fake profiles. Someone who is drinking garri in a village situated in North-East of Ibadan will be claiming to be the recruiting officer for an oil company in UAE . What? He makes posts and asks for “like” if you want the job. Mostly pure scam!! Run!!!
  • JOBS SCAM : Most common and people tend to fall for this very well. Especially desperate job seekers who have chilling in the unemployment market for years and counting. They promise a particular job and ask you to pay for a form or something related. The bad thing is, the so-called unemployed graduates are the scammers, duping their mates.
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That should be all on 4 Most Common Educational Scams Nowadays. Feel free to drop a comment below for addition or query.

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