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6 Aug 2017

3 Strategies How to Make Your Resume Look Professional

3 Strategies How to Make Your Resume Look Professional

Perfecting your resume is one of the most important things you can do when you’re looking to land a new job. In fact, 20% of recruiters will reject a candidate before they finish reading their resume, and they’ll typically make up their mind within the first minute.

That means that perfecting your resume is more important than ever. Here are three strategies to do just that.


  • Work with a professional


Spelling and grammar mistakes can severely damage your chances of being asked for an interview, especially if the job is for a role in which writing skills are important. In fact, nearly three quarters of employers look for candidates with strong written skills, so you’ll want to set yourself up for success from the very beginning.

There are plenty of companies out there that specialise in writing resumes. Working with these is a good idea because they have plenty of experience, so they already know what recruiters are looking for. They also don’t have to be prohibitively expensive, making it a worthwhile investment in the future.

The top resume services will work closely with you to perfect a professional resume that reflects who you are as a person. Be sure to thoroughly check their work yourself to make sure that you’re happy with it before you send it off to employers.


  • Tailor your resume


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Your resume is your chance to impress a recruiter and to show them that you’re the right choice for their company. That’s why you’ll want to take the time to tailor your resume for each different job that you apply for.

You can do this by explaining how your qualifications, skills and previous work experience can be applied to the job that you’re applying for, and if you use a personal statement as part of your resume then you’ll have space to further elaborate.

Of course, you’ll want to do the same on your cover letter, if you use one, and it works best when adopted as an overall philosophy. Nobody wants to be generic. Take the opportunity to personalise your application at every step that’s available – so avoid ‘to whom it may concern’ emails and other impersonal types of communication.

3. Make it look good

Remember, looks are important. Recruiters only have a certain amount of time to read through resumes, so you’ll want to make yours as visually appealing as possible so that it holds their attention and stands out in the crowd.

One way to do this is to work with a professional designer, although you’d be surprised at how good you can make it look yourself if you put the time in. Try to avoid using free resume templates where possible – after all, everybody else is using the same templates, and hiring managers can tell when you’ve used a free template from the internet.

Pay particular attention to the way that information is displayed. Consider using larger font sizes for key information or using bullet points and other formatting tricks to make it as easy on the eye as possible while highlighting the stuff that recruiters really need to know. Make sure that you get someone else to take a look at it before you send it – and ask them to check spelling and grammar, as well as the overall layout.

Getting your resume right is important of course, but it’s equally as important to present it with a killer cover letter and to follow up with each of your applications. Ask recruiters for feedback and make sure that you implement it, and remember that good is never good enough. There will always be room for you to improve it.

Author Bio: Stephanie Proper is a career specialist from Portland. By writing her articles she tries to help people go through the application process with success.

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