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3 Different Types Of Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria
By PenKraft On Hub201
4 Feb 2016

3 Different Types Of Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the countries that has numerous tertiary institutions in the world. These institutions include universities, polytechnics, monotechnics and colleges of education. Moreover, they are commonly called higher institutions in Nigeria because any of them can be the next stage in education for someone after a successful completion of secondary school. These institutions are owned by federal, state or private proprietors.

However, most students don’t consider some things before they apply to any of these institutions. Some are aware of those things but eagerness for admission don’t let them bother about them, whereas those things may bother them when it’s time for them to secure jobs.
Below are three kinds of tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

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Some tertiary institutions in Nigeria are certified but they are not accredited. That is, they are registered as educational institutions but their courses are not endorsed by the appropriate body. The most institutions under this category are owned by private proprietors, though some government owned institutions are running few courses that are not accredited which you won’t see in their brochure.

This kind of institutions are very common in Nigeria. They have the most admission possibility for almost all their applicants. Moreover, some of them do give admission to applicants who neither do UTME nor their pre-programmes. This is because they are only after money and they always be the best option for the people who have been frustrated by UTME. In fact, many of them do encourage their students to do ‘runs’ in order to graduate with good grades. Many employers in Nigeria do avoid the graduates of these institutions. Both private owned and some government owned institutions are under this category.

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These are the best institutions in Nigeria. They mostly give admission on merit, little or no ‘runs’ and they always avoid things that can blemish their reputation. In fact, their aim is to train students who will be the best in their various professions.. Many employers in Nigeria always want graduates of these credible institutions. Both government owned and few private owned institutions are under this category.

This article is my thorough observations about many tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Moreover, I categorized them into three kinds based on their academic credibility. Every student needs to know that going to school is beyond certificate alone. Furthermore, someone may collect a certificate that won’t be useful for the person when it’s time to secure job. Don’t allow frustration to make you go to a school that you’ll regret in the future. Credibility status of a school do have influence on its graduates. Thanks for reading.

 By  PenKraft On Hub201

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