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25 Apr 2018

25 NYSC batch A 2018 corps’ members: Why they will repeat service in Delta?

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You have probably heard the recent NYSC news about the corps’ members who will have to serve their term again. This is a totally unusual situation though there have been different cases connected to the service in the National Youth Service Corps. Let’s figure out what happened. What happened to the NYSC batch A 2018 corps’ members? As it has been announced several days ago, there are at least twenty-five members of the National Youth Service Corps (Batch A stream 1 of 2017) who will have to repeat their training. This is happening due to the fact that these young people have violated the existing NYSC laws and failed to complete their service. It’s also known that nineteen persons have abandoned their service and disappeared. Now, they will be forced to pass their training again once they are discovered by authorities. All this was voiced out by the Delta State Coordinator of NYSC, Mr. Benjamine. At the same time, Mr. Benjamine has stated that these are the only violators of the rules among the 2,838 corps’ members. What’s more, there are three National Youth Service Corps’ members who have earned special recognition. Two service members will be granted a chairman’s award and one more will receive a prize in cash. This is considered a big achievement because the governor of Delta State, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, has especially accentuated the country’s need for the youth services for the sake of peace and unification of the country. National Youth Corps Service in Nigeria: the general situation Since there’s no military conscription, Nigerian graduates spend a year in NYSC service. There are certain exceptions from the system but, in general, all young people under 30 who have completed their education in tertiary education, no matter at home or abroad are required to undergo the NYSC programme. The program, in spite of its obvious merits, has always had a range of drawbacks, which have never received enough attention from the officials. Of course, the service in different parts of the country helps young people know their homeland and people better. Still, the service in NYSC can also cause serious collisions. In addition to this, the national youth services are often underpaid. For instance, the NYSC Delta State pays about N5,000 per person, which is a really scanty amount.

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