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2 Feb 2018

15 Worst States For NYSC In Nigeria

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For the sake of those students graduating this year and the once that has graduated and preparing for their NYSC services ( National Youth Service Corps) here is a compiled list of worst States For NYSC In Nigeria.

Graduating from school is one thing but making choice of the state to serve is another thing. Believe it or not there are some states in this country you will never again wish to serve in, based on the experiences of some corps members.

The essence of this article is to guide students going for their NYSC service about the worst states and cities to serve considering factors like security , standard of living and pay.

Worst 15 States to serve in Nigeria that you should know….

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7. Ilorin

8. Ebonyi

9. Ekiti

10. Kaduna

11. Sokoto

12. Delta

13. Abia

14. Ondo

15. Oyo

What’s your take on this list of worst states for NYSC in Nigeria? If you differ, kindly present your own list

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