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8 Aug 2015

101 Facts You Must Know to Gain Quick Admission in Nigeria

Here are some 101 Facts you must know or do to gain quick and easy admission into any Nigerian university or polytechnic.

  1. Make sure you have at least 5 credits pass in WAEC or Neco or Both, the 5 credit must
    be relevant to your course of study.
    To check if your result is relevant to your course of study; see the Jamb brochure
  2. Purchase and write the Jamb/Utme examination
  3. Make adequate use of the six schools options to your own advantage.
  4. Don’t choose the same institution as your first and second choice
  5. Jamb repeats past questions, so don’t be too far from Jamb UTME past questions.
  6. Jamb forms comes with Jamb exam syllabus, try and be friendly with it
  7. It will work to your advantage if you know how to effectively use the Jamb Brochure.
  8. Set a minimum examination score target, your Jamb/Utme scores must be above 180
  9. Note: 150 and above in the Jamb/Utme exam also qualifies you for polytechnic and
    colleges of education admission.
  10. If you know the number of candidate writing the exam and those who choose the
    same school as you, it might work to your advantage.
  11. After your Jamb/Utme exam, start preparing for post-utme.
  12. You must know the cut-off point of every school you choose.
  13. Post-Utme past questions and answers of your school of choice will definitely be of
  14. Don’t limit yourself to past question of your school of choice.
  15. It’s advisable that you know the form which the exam will come. E.g. Paper base or
    Computer base Test.
  16. Meet people in your preferred schools, to see if you can get useful information about
    the exam.
  17. You must understand the form which the post-utme exam will come.
  18. Form a study group if you can find any interested student like you.
  19. Post-Utme questions are not always as much as Jamb/Utme questions and stay away
    from any form of examination malpractices.
  20. Be Punctual at your examination centre, Because Punctuality is the soul of any
    business, academics inclusive.
  21. Don’t leave your admission to someone you believe may help you.
  22. Believe in yourself. Self confidence will really help you develop.
  23. Put away tension, worries and stress.
  24. Listen to news, because information is vital.
  25. Think fast and be smart.
  26. Don’t be too selective about the type of institution you want to have your tertiary
  27. If you are offered any course different from your preferred course, don’t reject it
  28. Don’t be quick to reject any admission offer.
  29. Consider finance when choosing any school
  30. Pre-admission programmes might not be a bad idea after all
  31. Follow educational websites that will enlighten you on other admission opportunities,
    be careful while doing this.
  32. Don’t give money to people to process admission for you.
  33. Say no to runs, it’s called corruption.
  34. Be at your best all the time.
  35. Seek advice from professionals.
  36. Don’t rely on what people just tell you, seek after educationist.
  37. Learn to take control of yourself and situations
  38. I want you to know that there are limited admission spaces
  39. IJMB is an alternative for quick and easy admission.
  40. Don’t just go ahead to purchase the form without prior information about the
  41. IJMB runs for two academic session
  42. Successful IJMB student can apply for direct entry admission into 200 level.
  43. IJMB is mostly accepted by Universities in the North
  44. IJMB programme is intensive and time consuming
  45. Grades are calculated on point basis.
  46. IJMB is organised by ABU Zaria.
    47.IJMB- most schools don’t accept cut-off point less than seven point.
  47. IJMB- students are thought in 3 relevant subjects relevant to their dream course.
  48. IJMB- Exams are administered only in this three major subject you choose.
  49. Pre-Degree is another programme that can give you quick access to university
  50. Pre-degree was first introduced majorly by universities in the south.
  51. Pre-degree programme is usually more reliable compare to the IJMB programme.
  52. Candidates who wish to enroll for pre-degree must purchase the pre-degree form of
    the particular school they wish to enter.
  53. Pre-degree: candidates are required to sit for qualifying examination.
  54. Pre-degree: qualifying examination are usually on subject combinations related to
    course of study
  55. Pre-degree: English is compulsory.
  56. Students can obtain multiple pre-degree forms of various schools.
  57. The pre-degree programme runs for one academic session of 9 month.
  58. Examination is administered mostly 3 times before the completion on the programme.
  59. Pre-degree cut-off mark is mostly based on percentage.
  60. Pre-degree students are required to write the Jamb/Utme examination during the
  61. Pre-degree programme are more expensive compare to IJMB programme.
  62. Pre-degree programme is more reliable as large percentage of the enrolled students is
    admitted into the University system.
  63. You can gain admission into any course of your choice through pre-degree.
  64. Pre-degree student mostly perform better compare to jamb candidates.
  65. Pre-degree: Students are subjected to intensive lectures throughout the duration of the
  66. Your O’Level result must be intact and good enough for the programme
  67. Awaiting result is also accepted.
  68. Some of the schools that enroll student through pre-degree include, OAU,
  69. UNILAG AND LASU foundation.
  70. Foundation programme is similar to the pre-degree programme.
  71. Foundation programme is an A-level Programme.
  72. Successful student are admitted into 200 level as in IJMB programme.
  73. Unlike the IJMB programme it runs for one academic session instead of two.
  74. Foundation Programme: Lectures are also intensive.
  75. Foundation programmes are more expensive than any other pre-qualifying
  76. Grades are also calculated in points.
  77. UNILAG foundation programme take place on the university campus.
  78. LASU foundation takes place at the foundation campus located at Topo badagry.
  79. Less students apply for foundation programme compare to pre-degree programmes.
  80. Successful student in the foundation must purchase the Jamb direct entry form.
  81. Students cannot choose any other school in the direct entry form except the school
    where they did the foundation programme.
  82. Note; students who pass through IJMB can apply to more than one school on their
    Jamb direct entry form.
  83. Awaiting result not accepted for IJMB Programme.
  84. Awaiting result not accepted for foundation Programme.
  85. Foundation programme also require a qualifying examination.
  86. IJMB programme does not require any qualifying examination.
  87. Pre-ND and Pre-NCE programme is another pre-qualifying programme basically for
    polytechnics and colleges of education.
  88. Pre-ND and Pre NCE programmes runs for one academic year after which student are
    enrolled into year 1 of the school system.
  89. Pre-ND and Pre-NCE are less expensive compare to pre-degree, foundation or IJMB
  90. Students with good OND grade can apply to University through direct entry.
  91. Though not all schools accept OND for direct entry admission.
  92. Students with good NCE grade can apply to University through direct entry.
  93. Almost all schools accept NCE for direct entry admission.
  94. Note that degree is for Universities, OND & HND are for Polytechnics, while NCE is
    for Colleges of education.
  95. Awaiting result is accepted for Pre-ND and Pre-NCE programmes
  96. Student that are enrolled in Pre-ND & Pre-NCE programme go through intensive
    lectures for One year.
  97. Embrace Polytechnic and Colleges of education, and in no time you will find yourself
    at the top.
  98. Make sure you go through this guide diligently.
  99. Seek advice whenever you are confused.
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