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16 Apr 2017

10 Ways Students Spend Their Holidays

That relieving feeling that eases the onerous burden of a stressful semester can only be lived when the break knocks. It’s easy to long for breaks every now and then but it’s rare to have a lengthy one as a student as such comes only after the session except you want to go for leave of absence just to have a long break…. Lol. That was in a lighter mood.

Let’s get down to business and see how most students spend their sessional break. We will go through this with the prefix ‘formation’ for each of the items/ways to be cited.

1. Formation home all through: most students feel obliged to give their body, mind, and spirit the maximum rest they can get while devouring every goodie devourable, hence the need to spend the break at home irrespective of its length. The routine at home usually is to sleep, eat, see movies, shop, and party. Through this formation, you can easily tell how such students spent their break as their body oozes refreshment by looking fresh and fleshier after resumption. You can call them the homesick or momma’s kid.

2. Formation more skills: this formation applies to students who prefer to think outside the box and close the books to explore their talents, inbuilt skills and those they can acquire through training. You see these students registering for one skill acquisition training or the other which may be Web designing, software development, events planning, fashion designing etc. They resume for a new session with a tool or more to apply the acquired skills when the situation arises. Yes! That your friend that started baking cakes probably just learned it during the long break….

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3. Formation more books: well, while you were tired of having to read all through the session, some get eager to start reading for the next session during the break. Through this formation, you see some of your colleagues running after your seniors for materials and past questions. Some of them are probably first class chasers or that category of students whose CGPA needs more oxygen. They may be the ‘iwes’.

4. Formation more of God: the first three formations and some others are too worldly and God supersedes everything. This formation got students frequenting their place of worship more than ever before with the reading of the Holy book with passion as the partner. Some in this category do so as a result of their academic life. You can imagine CGPA 1.05. Yes, more of God indeed! Others adopt this formation as a routine to catch up with lost time in religious practices.

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5. Formation motivation: this formation is premised on the need to renew energies and keep the drive for success alive and active. Students with this formation are seen obtaining one or more books on motivation and leadership. They do this to avoid complacency. They either want to maintain the status quo or strive for better achievement.

6. Formation hustle: most male students and to be general, students with independent needs to survive adopt this formation. You see them pick up any available job. They work as temps most of the time or act the Jack of all trades for the dough.

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7. Formation player: well, everyone has their choice and preference. This formation sees students catching and hooking up with the side-chicks, exes, girl/boyfriend, fiance(e) and anyhow the case may be. They want to bite some ‘bites’ before disappearing again.

8. Formation traveler: you remember that guy who told you he was in Lagos Yesterday, he is in Plateau right now and will soon leave to see his cousin in Abuja. This formation got students traveling all around the country and the world, however, the case may be. They go visiting their uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.

9. Formation all-rounder: this formation sees students adopting three or more of the aforementioned formations.

10. Your formation: this Formation is for those whose formation is not among any of the 9 mentioned above.

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