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18 Jul 2017

10 Perfect Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Students

10 Perfect Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Students

Nigeria is classified as a developing country. Because of this, there is a host of scholarship opportunities for international students from Nigeria. They are available to bright, capable students who have proven their motivation to learn and excel in their undergraduate studies.

If you have completed your undergraduate work, and are looking for international scholarship opportunities, check out these 10 options for study abroad.


  • The Fulbright Scholarship


This is a U.S. government funded scholarship program that awards 1800 full scholarships to students from 155 countries (Nigeria being one of them) for students to pursue Masters and Ph.D. degrees in American colleges and universities. It is one of the most prestigious and popular international scholarship opportunities in the world, for several reasons. First, students get to study at schools that are recognized as among the best in the world. Second, the scholarship includes full funding for tuition, fees, books, housing, travel, health insurance, and even a stipend for living expenses.


  • Chevening Scholarships


There are 1000 of these scholarships awarded by the British government every year – to students from 130 different countries. They are specifically for students who are pursuing graduate work in a wide variety of fields. Students will attend some of the most world-renown institutions in the UK. The scholarships include all tuition and fees, a monthly living allowance, some additional monies, and travel costs to and from the UK.


  • Australian Awards Scholarships
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This is just one example of a growing number of government-funded scholarship programs for students from developing countries. These specific scholarships are awarded to promising students in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The great thing about theses scholarships is that they are awarded for vocational/technical training, undergraduate degrees, as well as graduate school programs (Masters and PH.D.’s). Most awards provide full tuition and fees, living expense allowances, and health coverage. Obviously, a wide variety of Nigerian students could apply for these.


  • Italian Government Scholarships


Again, here are both scholarships and grants for international students that cover a wide range of academic subjects and levels. Students can pursue university degree courses, vocational training, and even coursework in the fine arts. There are also Master’s and Ph.D. programs for qualified students. Scholarships cover all tuition and living expenses; however, they are only available for three, six, or nine-month time periods.


  • Federal Commission for Scholarship for Foreign Students (Switzerland)


These are available to students who are pursuing graduate programs, primarily doctoral. Those who receive these awards will attend only public universities and are exempted of tuition and fees, and receive health insurance, housing allowance, and air fare.


  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships
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There are only 100 of these awards each year, but students will go to one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Students who are given these awards are in doctoral programs or are recipients of research grants in any curricular area that Cambridge offers. These scholarships and grants cover all tuition and fees, a living allowance, and travel.


  • Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University in China


Schwarzman Scholars are selected for leadership and Master’s degree programs in a variety of curricular areas, in order to prepare a cadre of 21st century leaders in a global society. This is one of the few MBA scholarship opportunities for international students, along with all other academic disciplines. These scholarships cover all tuition and fees, lodging and meals, travel to and from Beijing, laptops and smartphones, health care and a personal allowance.


  • Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants


The rotary foundation operates in several countries and offers scholarships to deserving students for pursuit of graduate degrees or research. These awards can be from one to four years, depending on the program. Rather than cover specific expenses, the Foundation awards an annual cash amount, the minimum for one year being $30,000.00 U.S.


  • Trudeau Scholarship Organization in Canada
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These awards are up to $60,000.00 U.S. for student to pursue graduate study and research. In addition to the original award amount, there are stipends for research-based travel and other incidentals. The program is heavily weighted toward economic and scientific study and research.


  • German Academic Exchange Service (DADD)


This organization provides scholarships to students in developing countries who wish to pursue graduate level studies in Germany universities. Scholarships are targeted to Africa, Asia, and Central and South America, among other developing nations. Scholarships range from partial to full and are for certain academic programs.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the hundreds of potential government, university, and private organizational scholarship opportunities for students from Nigeria. Most institutions will be English-speaking, so a good command of English will be necessary. There is a lot of writing involved in any of these programs, and many students choose to buy college essays, so that their lack of fluency does not impact their grades.

If you are interested in pursuing scholarship opportunities in other countries, do the research and identify those for which you meet the requirements. While most are for graduate study, there are programs for vocational and undergraduate work as well.

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