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18 Feb 2016

10 Helpful Tips about PhD Thesis Writing

10 Helpful Tips about PhD Thesis Writing

We provide 10 PhD thesis writing tips that can make writing your thesis paper easier.

Some useful tips for PhD thesis writing

Writing a PhD thesis is work. As a matter of fact it is lot of work. For many students it will be the longest thing they will ever write. During the course of your academic career you should have picked up the basics of good research paper writing. However the PhD thesis is much more difficult to write than the average research paper. There is also more pressure as the thesis paper will be used to determine whether or not you get a PhD degree. However, there have been plenty of people who have done it before you and you can benefit from their experience. Here are 10 PhD thesis tips that will make it easier to write your thesis paper:

  1. Start early: The sooner you get started working on your thesis the better. You can usually find a reason for not getting started. Maybe it is because you haven’t settled on a topic, or you have something else that you have to wrap up first. There are valid reasons for delaying, and not taking that first step. And there are those who just procrastinate. However, the PhD thesis paper isn’t something you can complete in a weekend of non-stop writing. Do yourself a favor and start early.
  2. Get organized: you are going to be dealing with a large amount of information from many sources. If you don’t have some kind of system to keep everything organized you will find yourself running into plenty of problems. Some people spend half of their time chasing down misplaced sources or something else that the need. That is time that could be spent working on your paper.
  3. Eliminate distraction: It is a good idea to have someplace quiet to work so that you won’t be disturbed. Turn off the phone, shutdown Facebook, turn off the television and get to work. Let your friends and family know when you are working on your thesis and that you need to stay focused. It is easy to be distracted, especially when you don’t really feel like writing.
  4. Don’t wait until you feel like writing to write: It won’t be often, if ever, that you actually feel like sitting down for some good PhD thesis writing. If you are waiting for the mood to strike, you may be 97 years old before you ever complete your thesis paper. Whether you feel like it or not, you should put a certain amount of time in writing every day, even if what you write is crap. Set yourself a goal of so many words a day. Make it something that is fairly easy to reach so you don’t get discouraged. Even 500 words a day adds up over time.
  5. Have a schedule: Set aside a specific block of time for working on your thesis paper and stick to your schedule. Think of it like a job and don’t skip days unless it is an absolute necessity. It doesn’t have to be a big block of time if you followed tip #1.
  6. Break your paper into easily managed chunks: Thinking about writing a paper that could be 50 thousand words or more can be both intimidating and discouraging. Dividing into a bunch of smaller chunks that you can complete relatively quickly will make writing the whole paper much easier. Completing sections of the paper provides a sense of accomplishment and you can see progress being made.
  7. Make sure you know what your thesis is about: Everybody knows that right? But not everybody does. If you are asked what your thesis is about, you should be able to answer in one sentence. If you aren’t able to summarize it in one sentence then you need to rethink your thesis. If you aren’t clear on what question you are answering, then there is no way your paper is going to be able to answer it.
  8. Don’t expect a perfect paper: This doesn’t mean you don’t have to put full effort into writing the best thesis paper you can. Just don’t keep think that it has to be a masterpiece or the best piece of PhD thesis writing that the world has ever seen. Earning a PhD basically means you have demonstrated that you can conduct independent research without supervision and that is what is expected. It is easy to get hung up when you start trying to perfect every page of your paper before moving on.
  9. Write your abstract last: The abstract is a brief overview of your thesis paper. Writing a PhD thesis abstract is very difficult to do before you have completed the paper and chances are you would have to rewrite it more than once. For that matter, don’t try to write the paper in order. Begin by writing the easiest parts so that you get off to a good start and build some confidence. Then move on to those that are more difficult and end up by writing the abstract.
  10. Look after yourself: Take care of yourself mentally and physically while working on your thesis. When things get hectic and you are under pressure to finish locking yourself in a room and working 18 hours a day might seem like a good idea. However stepping away from your thesis every now and again can actually help you more than putting in extra hours. You can resume your work with a mind that is fresh and get more done faster. Make sure your diet consists of more than coffee, which is traditionally the major food group that PhD candidates live on. Better health will translate into better productivity.

What works for some people isn’t always as effective for others. Everybody needs to work out their own system that is best for them. Pick and choose from the tips here that you find work best for you and incorporate them into your own approach for PhD thesis writing.

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