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10 Best Career Advice for Undergraduates
11 May 2017

10 Best Career Advice for Undergraduates

In the midst of all the strenuous assignments, course works, and tests, I’m sure you must have taken out time to imagine what life would be for you. You must have wondered what job you’d take, what skills you want to acquire and how far you want to get to in life. When will you become the superstar artiste, award-winning writer, ground-breaking researcher, motivational speaker or whatever you dream of becoming? While I allow you a little more time to dream and think of how to create the world you want to live in, permit me to offer a few advice to you.

While I allow you a little more time to dream and think of how to create the world you want to live in, permit me to offer a few advice to you.

10 Best Career Advice for Undergraduates

1. Value learning over money: Congratulations! You’d been admitted into the university, into the citadel of learning. Do yourself a favor, make learning your priority. Go crazy about it. The money will come, definitely. But it is not the most important thing right now. But what you need to do first of all is to absorb yourself in your craft until you are a force to be reckoned with in that field – at least, within the campus.

2. Don’t stay out of trouble: Don’t shy away from slippery grounds. It is through tough challenges that the depth of the resources you carry within you are revealed. Don’t just go from your hostel to class, to the library and back to the hostel. Get involved in politics if you’re passionate about it, take up leadership positions when they come up in your class or department, join the workforce in your church, tutor junior colleagues if you’re good academically. Don’t just be a good child. Be an exceptional student.

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3. Put all your eggs in many baskets: Don’t leave school with knowledge only on your course work hoping that you will eventually finish up with a first class and a company will offer you a well-paying job and everything will be alright. Have alternatives to fall back on if your graduate certificate doesn’t pay off later.

4. Acquire skills: Go out of your way to get yourself empowered. Learn graphic designing and web development, learn the art of public speaking and creative writing, learn shoe making and fashion designing. By all means, learn something. Be careful though, learn only things that are necessary.

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5. Read a lot of books: Most things your lecturers feed you are highly summarized and, sometimes outdated materials. If you want to achieve deeper understanding and to stay ahead, then you want to read more than your notebooks. Also read biographies, autobiographies, self-help books, novels, and magazines. They have a way of broadening your mind.

6. Meet people: Probably one of the most valued treasures you will take out of the university are the people you will meet there. The roommates, classmates, church-mates, faculty- mates etc. Don’t be a loner. Make friends, connect and keep in touch. You’re going to need them even after school.

7. Don’t hide your talents: Practice your skills in the open. If you can sing, sing out loud in your room, in the bathroom, as much as you are not inconveniencing anyone. Show off what you can do. If you keep hiding them, no one will know they are there.

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8. Learn time management: A lot of activities will come knocking on your door, demanding your attention. It is paramount that you learn to prioritize, make the best decisions, achieve your goals and live happily.

9. Write down your goals: This helps you keep focused on your ultimate end so that you don’t go about doing random things that eventually does not benefit your career. Keep a journal for this purpose.

10. Make good grades: I hope you have not gotten so carried away with what you have been reading that you already assume that your academics are not important. They are. Please, don’t graduate with a miserable CGPA.

Write down these points. Implement them with great devotion and I assure you that you would have set up yourself for a successful career after school.

That’s that on 10 Best Career Advice for Undergraduates.

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