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10 Best Career Advice For Final Year Students
15 May 2017

10 Best Career Advice For Final Year Students

Final year students. It has been a long way coming. You survived the sleepless nights, impromptu tests, disastrous grades, boring lectures and you are close to the finishing line. Beneath the excitement that fills your heart are questions and sometimes, fears. There seem to be someone in the inside of you asking you: What next after school? How do you begin to live your dreams? Those questions are demanding answers and you will have to pacify them.

10 Best Career Advice for Final Year Students

1. Don’t stop learning: There is the premonition among most university students that learning ends after school. Some say that after examinations, they can’t read even a signpost. Do the exact opposite of this. Don’t stop learning. Read even more after your final exams.

2. Get a mentor: Mentors are the shoulders on which you can stand to see yonder. Mentors show you the mistakes they make and show you the path that worked for them which will probably work for you too. Swallow your pride and learn from an expert.

3. Make your CV worthwhile: One thing you must do for yourself is to write your CV. Turn your little experience into jobs you’ve handled in the past. Remember that before the interview, all your potential employer knows about you is what is on your CV, make it worthwhile.

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4. Do an internship: It is true you might not make so much money from your internship, but, doing and intern helps you develop skills, work ethics, and work experience. These combines to stand you out at interviews.

5. Acquire professional skills: If the career you want to pursue require professional certification before you begin to practice, chattered accountancy for example. Make sure you complete these training before your graduation or immediately after.

6. Attend seminars and workshops: Don’t assume you know it all or that you have received enough training. Make out time to attend seminars and workshops. It allows you the opportunity to meet with great minds who are already in your field and thriving, it updates you with recent happenings in the career path you have chosen to venture into. Whatever you learn at a seminar are worthless until you put them to good use.


7. Start small: I’m sure you have big dreams. Those dreams of what your life will end of being. However, have the courage to start small and watch your venture grow. One way in which you can do this is to break your big dreams into smaller segments you can achieve within a short time, say a year or two.

8. Be persistent: When you eventually venture into your career, be persistent. Keep working, let people know you for what you do. Those who eventually make it big in their careers are not always the most talented people. Rather, they are those who choose never to quit no matter what they go through.

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9. Build your online footprint: Type your name into Google and search. What pops up? If your potential employer chooses to ask Google about you, what will Google say? What goes on in your Facebook account? What can you do to better your online footprint? Put up updates on Facebook that are related to your career. Add to your skills on LinkedIn. You could also write for blogs or drop reasonable comments on the blogs you visit, with your full name boldly written on it. Most employers will Google your name, why not do it before them.

10. Pray Hard: This is a no-brainer. Put your post-graduation journey into God’s hands.

That’s that on 10 Best Career Advice for Final Year Students.

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