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1 Mar 2017

How Youths can Reduce Unemployment In Nigeria (Breakdown & Analysis ) – Mr lee

Construct your Chairs while in school so you can have something to sit down on when you are done

I write again to let you know that what I believe in is what I stand on which hasn’t & will never change . Have always said and will keep saying that the Power to making Nigeria a better Nation also lies within the Youths.

I’Ve once Written on how youths/students of now uses Education as a factor of Excuse for not doing anything while in school which might end up to be a source of employment for them and others after school or an avenue to acquire experience .Instead we focus on Acada alone ,then wait after school to take these steps which might be too late as frustration & pressure might set in or fall in the pit of our corrupt leaders all in the name of Favour .

If you agree with me you will see that Reducing the rate of unemployment is a major factor in making this nation a better one as it will directly or indirectly ginger other aspects. Youths Reducing Unemployment from our part will surely lead to Building of more infrastructures & organisation bringing about stability of power then surely reducing crime rate in the country as there is a saying which says “An idle hand is the devils workshop “. The ideas are there we only need to develop them .

Now going straight to my Analysis of ways or how We youths can reduce unemployment from our end by constructing our chairs even while in school balancing it with education .But before then I will like to sight out an example of a Sister,who while in school (University) was dating a working man who got her things to sell while she was in school but due to same excuses students of Now give ,she wasn’t accountable for the money & sales ,always blaming it on tight class schedules ,Library ,Overnight reading & Church . She didn’t know this will have Negative effect on her after school .Only for her to graduate ,marry & opened her super market opened .Due to lack of experience ,the husband had to close down the shop due to the great loss she had accumulated within the short period of time it was opened .

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With this above am sure this message is clear even to the blind ,Really students shouldnt just wait after school before doing something ,you either start something or join a potential team in building up their ideas .Even now no organisation will accept one without requesting for almost 5years of Experience .

So instead of we just focusing on acada & keep graduating to a labour market where those that had graduated about 5 years ago had not yet gotten a cool job .Why not have the right mentality by constructing your chairs now so even after school you have some thing to sit down on and even if the chair is big ,you surely will have enough space in accommodating others on your chair .See you with a chair will even ginger those up to help in reshaping your chair well to a strong and Nice one with this we are eradicating unemployment .

Imagine we complain of Unemployment without even critically looking at it .OK now let me ask you a question ! You are in University & Mom ,Dad etc are still working where they had been working even when you were in primary school ,Imagine ! Does that mean we haven’t had graduates that fit their positions or studied the courses they studied? We have large number of people graduating yearly without their chairs hoping to go submit their First class & second class CV to a company owned by someone who might even be a 3rd class student in his time (Which those In the year past had over submitted theirs without result )in other to get a chair .Is this logical ? .So why don’t we youths/Students instead of graduating empty handed ,come out with our chairs & even if hardworking construct for others so we can share so all can find a place to sit on too because those standing will be looking for a way to sit down even by going to any length bringing about scamming ,crime,stealing etc.

The next thing on your mind will be where will you get fund ,support etc .The only way forward I have on that is you have to start small ,then surely with consistency ,hardwork & Gods blessing we all shall Succeed ….”Surely it won’t be easy but we all just have to find a way for ourselves to make it easy”- Mr lee

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Education is good but putting what we learn in action is the best because until “we take the bold step , wont move forward” . Join me in my quest as we (Youths ) try to put this great Nation in its right position.

Till I write again ,I Leave you all to Ponder on this above & Acquire the right mentality by not always complaining but also finding a way in solving a problem no matter the level we are .Thanks

I remain my humble self ,Mr lee (CEO SMARTBRAINS Nigeria ,Blogger ,Content Writer,Social Media publicist & an Edu- Consultant ) .Thanks

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