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17 Nov 2015

Why Academically Successful Students Are Secretive ?

Most succeeding students act discrete and can be overly protective of the ideas and tricks they employ to succeed. They rarely talk about their plans and goals, you scarcely know when they study and they’ll usually not announce or show off how good they are; we only get to see their results and wonder how they do it.

The truth is intelligent students have techniques and tricks they apply to stay atop of the class but will not readily divulge same to you unless you are a very close friend.

Smart and academically successful students keep calm, talk less about their academic achievements and don’t readily discuss how they do it, because of:

They enjoy the glory and bliss and don’t wish to share
To be viewed as the smartest dude in class causes other students to look up to your for solutions and help to difficult topics. This then comes with a form of glory you enjoy and prefer to not share with any other students.

In simple terms, intelligent students won’t tell you how they do it so you also don’t get to be on the same pedestal with them. They want to be considered superior. Don’t start hating; you will want same if you are in their shoes.

To eliminate Nay-Sayers and negative students
Academically successful students will keep their plans away from you because they don’t trust your judgment. Their plans are always lofty and many other students will laugh at them and talk negative if they get to hear them. So, why should they tell you if they aren’t sure you will think their aspirations are unattainable?

For some, their secretive attitude is spurred from their humble attitude. They wouldn’t like to appear proud so they keep their tips and techniques to themselves however, they’ll be willing to let you have them if you approach them and ask.

My point here is that, if you aren’t succeeding academically it will be wise for you to approach the smartest kid in your class and sincerely ask her to let you in on how she has been able to amass those ‘A’s that have cumulatively produced a strong grade.

Believe it or not, excellent students have got some tricks or techniques you are yet to know. The day you know and put them to use will mark a significant turn in your academics.

People are secretive when they have secrets!

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