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25 Jun 2016

Want To Stay Off Campus? See Some 7 Factors To Consider

Want To Stay Off Campus? See Some 7 Factors To Consider

Staying off campus can be incredible as you have a more noteworthy level of flexibility running from cooking, securing your own protection, less pilfering, space, to specify yet the self-evident.

This post highlights figures each student seeking lodge off campus must consider before giving his/her cash over to the care-taker or landlord.

Now let’s dive into the topic :  Want To Stay Off Campus? See Some 7 Factors To Consider

1. Financial Buoyancy:

Numerous individuals who live in the school inns crave to be off-camp yet the monetary obligations left them no alternative.

Convenience off-campus can be extremely costly going from N40, 000 to over N150, 000 every year. This implies any one paying special mind to convenience off-campus must have the budgetary muscle to convey such cash weight.

On a note where you can’t take care of everything alone, then there is the need to get a flat mate so the cash can be partitioned into half.

2. Nearness To The School:

Getting a house in another area far from your school is pulling in transport costs which may keep running over the rent you paid toward the end of the year. In spite of the fact that the rent of lodges nearer to class may be generally high, yet inhabitants of such lodges are at favorable position when contrasted with their partners who live miles far from the school.

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Envision where you burn through N100 every day on transport back and forth, 30 days will abandon you burning through N3000. Note: that occasionally, you may need to go to class twice on days you have evening engagements like fellowships, affiliation gatherings, evening practicals and so on. This is actually a very important factor to consider when looking for a lodge off-campus.

3. Security:

A few landlords can be egotistical, they build their lodges without fence and strong doors not to mention putting a security man at the passageway. Lodges without wall and security orderlies are inclined to theft. Generators get missing, Gadgets are trucked away, and some times “Fine young men” accompany arms and strike the entire lodge.

So, before you settle for that off-campus lodge, investigate the level of security.

4. Water Supply:

Nothing is more irritating than paying an enormous sum and going outside your lodge to get water.

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It is sure that you can’t go a day without water for washing garments, plates and different utensils, showering, among numerous other essential utilization of the hydrogen and Oxygen compound. Water supply in a lodge you need to rent ought not be bantered about.

5. Internal Part of the room:

Numerous individuals rent lodges in view of its outward appearance without an information of the inside. Pretty much as the holy book of the Christians says “The Lord judges your internal not outward appearance”.

Some lodges may look extraordinary outside yet the rooms are as little as kitchen lines, no ward robes, no kitchen or cooking space, once in a while the rooms may splash water.

Before you proceed to hand your well deserved currency to a landlord, guarantee that the room you are paying for is justified regardless of the money related worth connected to it.

6. Lodge Occupants:

New lodges have a tendency to have great tenants as it is normally made out of freshers and couple of upper level students.

As the lodge gets old, it may show signs of improvement with great tenants drawing in a greater amount of their kind or the terrible smoking and celebrating niggas pulling in their kind. Some lodge tenants can be uproarious colleagues, play noisy music like they live in Hot.FM. On the off chance that you don’t consider the tenants before settling for the lodge, you may wind up living in a lodge where you turn into a guest later.

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7. Power Supply:

Any Lodge without assurance of power supply is not worth the overwhelming hype of off-campus.

Before you begin pressing into a lodge, you should guarantee that the area demonstrates a hint of consistent power supply and know whether the Landlord is one that fights with the power supply agency or not.

A lodge without power supply will leave your devices level without live in them. Of what use is paying overwhelming sum for rent and still rely on upon the uproarious contamination of Generators for power supply or going from space to space to charge your gadgets.


There they are, some 7 factors to consider while looking for a lodge off-campus. Make sure you share.

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