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6 May 2016

Want To Be One Of The The Best Students? See These 4 Solid Tips

This is a guest post by Enahoro Esein A.K.A Xenon – Chemical Engineering Udergraduate Of OAU. Follow him on Twitter and IG @Josh_xe

We all know some people are naturally inclined to being among the top students due to certain abilities. However, the aim of this article is to help those who feel academically weak or average to move higher on the scale. Although success in life isn’t all about being the best student, it puts you in a more advantaged position.

Being a top student is far beyond just reading and going in for examinations. It requires on a reasonable part of your attitude towards academics and also life in general. Therefore, by tweaking a couple of personality traits, one can expect to move up to greater heights.



This is one of the most emphasized points when discussing success in any given area of life which includes academics. In this article, working hard doesn’t mean having sleepless nights but working smarter towards achieving your goals. This simply means getting better results with lesser stress and greater efficiency. For example, some students start preparing for examinations a day before it which puts a lot of stress and as we know can bring about lots of problems. However, by starting preparation early, one can achieve greater results with little stress.



This is another major point for success in any aspect of life. One must be fully committed towards a goal in order to achieve it. Being committed doesn’t imply foregoing all other activities, it simply means being able to put full effort into your goal when it’s time to work. Commitment is highly essential as it helps reduce the numerous distractions around. However, in being committed ensure that you learn to take some time off in order to reduce the stress, as they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.



In getting to the top one has to aim to be at the top, therefore, to be a top student you have to learn to aim beyond average. I’ve seen students whose aim is to just graduate without caring about the grade they leave with. Those at the top have learnt to settle for nothing less than the best and that is why they were able attain that position. In order to move up, one must leave the “let my people go” attitude aside and shoot for the moon because if you miss you will fall among the stars.



This is the most important point of all. In all you do make sure you commit your activities to your creator above. Nobody can get to the top unless by the help of the mighty one above. Learn to seek His help in your academic endeavors and not only will He help you to the top, He will help you maintain the position. However, remember that prayer without work is useless.

The list above is not exhaustive one but I hope the points above, will enable you move higher. As this topic is a vast one you can always contact me on BBM- 7F70095D for more help and advice.

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