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27 Jul 2016

Types Of Career Paths – Which One Are You On?

I have this theory about career. There are basically three identifiable career tracks, and everyone loosely falls into one of the three.

1. General Track This is where most people generally fall into: Get a job, any available one in a reasonably okay organization, work hard, try to climb up the ladder to the best of your ability, and hope for the best. This one is usually limited by the organization(s). In some places depending on your job and allied factors, there might be a limit to how high you can climb, or if you can at all. In fact, this track doesn’t really pay again these days, and most people look down on it, even though that is where most guys end up anyhow.

The long and short of this one is that it leads a lot of people into corruption eventually.

2. Fast Track The fast track is the assisted track, where the golden boy/girl is appointed by some big boys/girls, and he/she flies to the top position in record time, irrespective of what he or she is able to actually do. In fact, if you’re on this track, whatever you say is the way is the way. Nothing else matters. You just can’t go wrong.

The issue with this one is that people get burned by politics of the environment. Once your mentor is taken out, it must surely cascade to you. But they usually bounce back, because the Fast Trackers usually have a lot of solid backing.

3. Personal Track This is the proverbial ‘track of the brave’. These are the people who take their career literally into their own hands. They set their own career goals, and what they want to achieve in any organization. They are not scared to move on when they feel that the environment has given them what it has to offer.

The downside is, they usually suffer a lot in their personal life, due to some tough choices they have to make in order to pursue their personal ambition. It is also not a path for the faint-hearted. Where would you say your career track is right now?

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