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scholarship myths
9 Jan 2017

Top 5 Myths About Scholarships

Top 5 Myths about Scholarships

A lot of myths go around about the process of applying for scholarship and the chances of winning. Even a person who has never done any findings on scholarship will give his own fallacious opinion about scholarships. Well, having done my findings and research well and once being a beneficiary of one or two scholarship awards myself, here is my take on some popular myths that surrounds scholarship and everything concerned:

1. Only the academically sound win scholarships

While most scholarship would always require a student to have a sound academic background, there are always some out there looking for something else entirely which sometimes you may even find weird. The criteria on which beneficiaries are chosen for a particular scholarship are based on the organization or sponsorship aims and objectives and also, what results have been envisioned to be produced as a result of they giving out their scholarship.

2. My child is on scholarship, I do not need to worry about school fees

It would be wrong of you as a parent to abandon your due responsibilities to your child because he/she is on scholarship. Scholarships come in different forms- some could cover just the cost of tuition fees and not the living expenses and some could even last till the completion of a research project. Scholarships lessen your burden as a parent indeed but may not entirely take it off. Therefore, inquire very well before you make decisions about how much burden you still have to carry. Also importantly, let your child know you are happy with what he/she has achieved, it boosts his self-confidence and encourages even greater achievements from him/her in the future.

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3. Only the Poor win scholarship

There is a general belief that only poor students win scholarships and indeed, this is usually one of the requirements of most scholarships. However, over time, based on statistics taken, it has been observed that students from the middle class of the society win even more scholarships than the poor students. So, next time you see a scholarship eligibility requirements stating you must be from the lowest class of the society even though you are not, do not bother yourself, just go ahead and apply.

4. Searching for a scholarship is too much work

These days, there are many scholarship resources on the internet, your best bet is to check Eduregard Scholarship Page. which make searching for a suitable scholarship less stressful. Their search filters have been tailored to fit just about anyone such that you’ll most likely find something you like.

5. Scholarships are available only for Undergraduates

Scholarships are available at almost all levels of education starting from primary school, through secondary school, tertiary institution even up to the Ph.D. level. This therefore serves to falsify the myth that scholarships are only available for undergraduate problems.

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