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22 Jun 2016

[2016]Top 10 Most Expensive And Richest Universities In Nigeria


The concept of riches on which the compilation of this list is based on is what the university has to offer to students. I have arranged them in the descending order.

  1. University of Jos (UNIJOS)

Since 1975, UNIJOS has been producing dedicated and disciplined graduates (just as the school slogan suggests) who have been well equipped with all necessary resources needed for them to thrive in the outside world. However, this school has been greatly undervalued by prospective aspirants due to the religious clashes that have consistently featured in the Plateau, Jos area in recent years.

  1. University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

UNIPORT, located in one of the most urban cities (Port Harcourt) in Nigeria, remains a force ever to be reckoned with when you talk of universities making positive impact on the Nigerian society. It could be classified as one of the richest universities in Nigeria as of present.

  1. Achievers University, Owo

I know what comes to most of our minds when any private university is mentioned in Nigeria is just the outrageous amount of tuition and maintenance fees that are being demanded by these universities. However, this doesn’t rule out the fact that some of these universities have actually being delivering the goods. Many Achievers university graduates are in great places today and they are doing fine.

  1. University of Benin (UNIBEN)

This list would be incomplete without the inclusion of the University of Benin. It is of no doubt that UNIBEN is one of the most reputable universities in Nigeria. Its products could be found in many sectors of the economy setting the pace for their colleagues to follow.

  1. Covenant University

This is yet another private university that has proven to us in Nigeria that private universities are not only all about expensive school fees but also about delivering high quality education to their students and preparing them adequately for the future.

  1. University of Ilorin (UNILORIN)
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Unilorin is of no doubt one of the best universities in Nigeria. This university has been known to compete in many academic races and bag plenty of awards in the end. This university would have however very easily topped this list but for their conservative nature and somewhat poor social culture. Some allegations about candidates with Muslim names being favored over their Christian counterparts on the admissions list have also being raised against this school in the past.

  1. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU)

The controversial Africa’s most beautiful campus, OAU is one distinct university whose great achievements have over the years had great impact on Nigeria as a nation. OAU, ‘Oba Awon University’ (King of Universities) has over the years rolled out competent and learned graduates who are some of the most respected people in the nation today. However, recently, a particular lag has featured constantly in the school’s academic calendar so much so that most other universities are about one year ahead of the school. This is as a result of frequent strike actions by one association or the other in the university. This has constituted so much discouragement to aspirants seeking admission into the school mainly because a four-year course may sometimes turn out be five or even six at times.

  1. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

ABU is easily one of the best universities in Nigeria. It is one of the most recognized universities in the North. It therefore enjoys a lot of benefits and allocations that lets it cater adequately for the needs of its students. It is worthy of note to know that ABU produced the first graduate Nigerian President – Late President Umar Musa Yar’Adua.

  1. University of Lagos (UNILAG)
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It is a well known fact to all and sundry in Nigeria that Lagos is the seat of economy in Nigeria. Many international investors always prefer to situate their companies in Lagos rather than anywhere else in Nigeria due to availability of resources and of course, a larger market to promote their products to. Every new tech product, innovation, fashion trend etc usually features in Lagos before anywhere else in the country.  It therefore comes as no surprise then to find UNILAG on this list. Research facilities for research and practical works are readily available for UNILAG students than their counterparts in other universities. In addition, securing a good job is hardly a difficult issue for graduates of this school as many job opportunities are usually readily available for students upon graduation.

    1. University of Ibadan (UI)


Despite being the oldest university in Nigeria, UI has managed to stay at the top and never for once lag in the game. UI is a university with lots of great history and events. Its high academic standards are well raised; it’s a school for the best of the best. A bachelor degree from UI is always treated with much regard anywhere in Nigeria.  


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