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5 Jul 2016

What is A Third Class Degree?

If you are a University aspirant, or even a freshman in the University, and you are yet to grasp the concept of University degree classification, then this post is for you as I intend to enlighten you on the university degree classification system. I will be focusing majorly on the third class degree classification.

The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is the major grading system in the University, that is, degrees are awarded based on a student’s CGPA upon completion of his/her undergraduate program.  The CGPA is calculated based on scores obtained by a student in tests and exams taken. Below is a list explaining how a Bachelor’s degree is awarded based on a student’s CGPA in the University:

Bachelor’s Degree                                                  CGPA

First Class                                                               4.50-5.00  

Second Class Upper(2.1)                                     3.50-4.49    

Second Class Lower(2.2)                                      2.50-3.49  

Third Class                                                              1.50-2.49

Pass                                                                          1.00-1.49

Fail                                                                            0.00-0.99

From the table above, we could see that a student whose CGPA falls within the range of 1.5-2.49 belongs in the third class category. While there is hope for a third class degree holder, it is advisable that every undergraduate student aims for nothing less than a Second Class Lower Division.

That’s that on the topic –  What is A Third Class Degree? 

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