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22 May 2016

Why I Think Degree Education Is Overrated – Oladele Rachael

Written By Ebunoluwa Oladele For EDUREGARD Essay Contest – You can see other submitted essays here.

In this modern era, it is believed that education is the only way of survival which is not so. Being educated is definitely worth it but when it does not manifest in the latter use, what’s the essence? Everyone wants to be rich and famous and education is the only way that this can be achieved, there are illiterates amongst us who are swimming in millions today. Why? Because they made use of their creative minds/talents. God has given each and every one of us talent; it is just how we make use of it that makes us who we are.

These days, most parents force their child(ren) to study courses like Law, Engineering, Medicine and Surgery and so on without studying the child(ren) talents and see how they can teach the child to make use of it. A child who finds pleasure in books and loves to write is forced to study Law in school by the parents. Don’t they realize that not all children have the same IQ?

Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Yes, this is true but also it isn’t. There are so many unemployed graduates especially those with First class and Second class upper division outside but those with bad grades are the ones making it. Great people like Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and so on had dyslexia (unable to read and write) made use of their gifted and creative minds to do wonders. I am not saying that being educated won’t take you places, it will but when the certificate is just rotting its life away, what can you do? Education shouldn’t be overrated. The highest result of education is your mind, the way you think of creative ideas. There are various talents like drawing and painting, writing, singing, bead making, fashion stylist, make-up etc.

One can exploit his or her talent while in school. So, I will prefer to check myself, discover my talent, and follow it while in school. Education shouldn’t be overrated.

Written By Ebunoluwa Oladele For EDUREGARD Essay Contest – You can see other submitted essays here


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