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27 Feb 2016

Things You Must Know As A Nigerian Youth

Majority of the youths today are walking aimlessly along the highway and byways of life like magnetized needles that lies motionless and are not responding to any call of nature to develop skill on specialized knowledge, because they have not been touched by the creative force of nature, in the divine structure of human nature, no one is superior to you but people exercise superiority over others by reason of what they know, what they do and how they do them, the goal a youth hold in his mind is the model which shapes their lives.

Every youth in his or her intellectual embryo is a potential hero, if only  listens to the call that beckons on him to develop him. Today most youths are already out of contention because they are structured in ways that they have no foundation on which to build their future and their destiny. Where can the youths find his future and their destiny?Hhow can he find it? What are the elements that make up the future? Where is the future coming from? Where it now and where is it travelling to? At what speed does the future travel ? There are three great diseases that destroy the future of our youths and  and these diseases have neither medical cure nor prayer solutions. They are:

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These diseases gives birth to crimes such as;carelessness, thoughtlessness, half baked skill development, it does not matter on the kind of Lifestyle you exhibit, it promotes building ones structural foundation on sandy foundations, permits pursuing ones life dreams on lying principles, allows one to lure his lifestyle on falsehood.

These crimes as simple and innocent as they seem on the surface are not punishable by the laws of the land, but they are punishable by the laws of nature with poverty, failure and defeat with compound interest, these crimes causes the individual life boat to breakdown in the mid ocean of everyday business and at the end buries under it ruins the destiny and future of such youths and finally relegates such to the bottom of the ladder in the race for success, riches, relevance and honor.

You must decide which way you want to go, crime against self is more grievous than the crime against self. Your background is not an excuse to fail in life. It  is time you begin to learn traits of a man/woman destined to be great. Remember, that if you begin to put the blame on the door step of your government, it will not help in any way. You must resolve to capacity and intellectual building as it is the bedrock of every society. Make yourself indispensable.

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