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eduregard essay contest 2017
12 Oct 2017


Retrospects from creation story,proofs from religious injunctions,had it that dichotomous went the saga-a man,his woman;the Sun,the Moon;the day,the night,an illustration not far fetched was that depiction emblazoned on a coin,indisputably,there will always be two faces to a coin,like a story,two-sided.As a student,admittance to an higher institution of learning is likened to adding a feather to one’s cap,in fact,a credible feat to record,because among peers,one toll rise,compared to soaring higher like an Eagle.Albeit,the mayhem out there,better experienced than imagined,permit me to call it an Admix.Life has really taught me that,time is nothing but the best consoler.The tidal waves in rowing en route sea,life,an attestation to one being green or experienced.Truly,dichotomous goes all life’s clarity.

The age of Methuselah they say is nothing compared to the wits of Solomon,satirically,age and experience are most times matching pair.As an undergraduate in a prestigious university in the country,the university of Ibadan,happenings on campus appear to be reputable and noteworthy memories or memoirs if not a memorabilia to the topical phrase;”the universe in the university”,in fact,a must share! Like an alien,a secondary school leaver,freshmen,like they are grossly called and fondly addressed across Nigeria institutions,looks on his first day or debut on the university soil,to his dismay-what a weird world!A thought plaguing that lily mind and like crystals,visually represented by that sheepish and ignorant look,likened to a fugitive,Zionites on the land of Babylon,permit that Biblical excerpt.The scenic atmosphere and the beauteous land in the advent of time gradually metamorphosed into a tensed world,change;swift and dynamic! Shall we then blame this fading away on environmental degradation or familiarity? Early days on campus,like toddlers and weaklings,we are still tied to our Mother’s apron,probably,through her routine check via any means humanly possible,most often,through calls and weekend visits.In the absence of this maternal care,or in the nick of time,many turn homely sick,little wonder,they say:’no place like home’,as opposed those pre-admission days when the quest and zeal to be away from home heightened.Indisputably,humans are born insatiable,like Economists opinionated.

Time,like I said earlier,is the best consoler,time,swift one,the adaptation attribute of living things comes onboard,surprisingly,one learn to do in Rome as the Romans do,not until holidays,being homesick becomes a thing of the old;behold,old things have passed away,all things have become new,to the thought,it happened in a flash,but to be feasible,it takes a longer process,the benchmark being the party involved,an extrovert or the extreme opposite.

Sequel to this,is competition,another commendable feature of living things,may I call this healthy rivalry,because both the fittest and the unfits survive here.Like a chameleon,an undergraduate vies to camouflage(nearly,if not equal to the new immediate milieu) or I probably name it countershading or disruptive colouration,like Biologists discovered.When I say competition,I mean it in all wise,be it among peers or the general public.Like litmus test,ably,an undergraduate makes non-faulty juxtapose and go for the desired vogue.Your audition,you redefine;your apparels,you make gorgeous or elegant;your actions,you make friendlier,and lots more,too much of words will not fill a bushel.University,an avenue of nearly all celebrated culture,in fact,a medium of unity in diversity.Oneness at its’ peak,before saying Jack Robinson,in the limelight,you have the new you,I humbly call this mutation from environmental pressure.


With the greater and wanton urge for those aforementioned noticeable changes,almost all Nigerian undergraduates suffer guilt in this sphere,many being swept away by the tide unexpectedly,just like rapture;soon and sudden,void of premonitions or pre-omen,volcanic eruption,I call this.What an upheaval! Regrettably,you defile those sacred vows you swore to,back at home under the umbrage and guise from parent’s tutelage,most often with that heartfelt and affectionate departing word,some,done,amidst tears of joy;”remember the son or daughter of whom you are”,goes the popular saying-What a grievous but protective haunting scene to remember.To the parents,most especially,mothers,I endear and salute how best they set our feet on the right path to tread with religious injunctions to avert premonitory peril or impending loom.The shame is those words,despite being a pivot to dangle upon,from the onset,most often finally suffer extinction,a dent on the image of that pledged allegiance,betrayal of trust in the test of time! Shall we then blame this on civilization craze or rather an act of being recalcitrant(bringing out the beast in one)? One pertinent question to ask.The most amazing is that despite the holidays at home,many parents find it difficult to peg down worrisome noticeable changes in their progeny,thus,rendering them incapable or being unfit for that task of parenthood,this,they had been best at since inception.Blame it less on them,the dexterity and smartness,or better said as the ignorance feigning power and genteel look cum religious conscientious acts, youths put into play when back home,making that venomous meal look enticing.What an overhaul,if not an hallmark of deception.Wittingly,all parents should have that insight;’schooling truly builds young minds into professional bodies,yet,it could be a haven for social vices!’

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Moral decadence heightened on social media,when even Nigerian youths,most especially,the elites,are gross violators and culprits to this heinous act,in fact,casting the lead role,the Michelangelo of odd acts.The digital age euphoria through the media has been the cross every Nigerian youths bear,ranging from online illicit money making to sex scandal,cybercrime,not exempted from the pang and deathblows.The rate at which these obscene acts are going viral is alarming,like epidemic,contagious,suitably compared to the speed of a launched missile,yet,many call it empowerment,all in the name of making ends meet.Through explicit social functions and nocturnal parties on campuses,many are being thrown off-balance and offshore,in fact,many lost priceless treasure,some fell for the bait and got caught;hook,line and sinker,in that endless search and crave for socialization.Bad gang truly corrupt good manners,convincingly,they will be called a new name,which this platform will not allow me to mention or unmask.One may venture to ask;’why then the furore and uproar of catcalls many channelled to pregnancies,with the name,’unwanted’,since it is a product from that hard work? To every smoke,is always a fire,only the Biblical Mary is a novice in this wise or an ignorant of such act.

Life,I earlier said,is an admix,it solely depends on the choice you embrace.A popular axiom once said:”if you don’t know where you are going,any road will lead you there”,hitherto,the aftermath of the path one treads is unarguably the route to destiny or destruction.Truly,all roads lead to Rome.The universe,spherical,by scientific and geographical findings and mythology,the cradle of balance is when an hemisphere suffers sacrilege,the other half enjoys sacredness.Satirically,such is feasible and achievable also on a university soil.Regardless of the hash tag the morally upright ones suffer from counterparts through the faces from their assemblage milling around,to the females,sorority,the males,clan,the peak,religion fanatics or extremists,like most are fondly addressed.Lo and behold,they suffer no opposition,only intimidation,since there is the liberty,curbing and weakening any physical threats or forces to militate against such entirety.Like that saying from Globacom,your world,you rule it.Religion is belief and vice versa!

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The university is unarguably the exact replica of what we have plaguing the universe in skeletal bases today,little drops of water,little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean.The cradle being,learning from imitation or initiation,little wonder,that adage argues:’show me your friend and I will tell you how you will end’.Tragically,’a dog that will lose its’ sense of omen will not heed to the hunter’s call’.With those tenets and upbringing,sieving the good from the bad is advisable.Alas,I blame it less on most undergraduates;’charity they say begins at home’,this,on occasions is wanting in some Nigerian homes.Shamefully,some homes are nothing to write about,many are wealth sickening or engrossed,so,one should not be bewildered by the products springing forth under such auspices,we all know,’to whom much is given,much is always expected’.Your home-your heritage,your identity,your birthright!

Since the primordial of existence,no creation is worthy of cheating nature,Karmic law will always haunt,an indication that what goes around,comes around,the universal law of retribution,happenings in universities are what we have across the Globe,this time,on a larger scale,using my citadel of learning as feasibility study proves what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.This modus operandi is undoubtedly onshore on all Nigerian higher institutions of learning soil.

As a Nigerian of the deepest dye and a patriot to the core,I am optimistic that with all the oddities I unravelled,Nigeria will some days be an Eden,with you and I,like my school’s acronymous name implies,we are in unison,the needed change agent.A wake from leader’s slumber,industrious youth minds and an eco-friendly milieu,collectively able to ignite our glowing splinter.Proudly Nigerian,African frontier; we set the pace and blaze the trail! Conclusively,as a current undergraduate in the university of Ibadan,I humbly say;

E seleto! E Africa!

Aluta continua! Victoria ascerta!

46 Responses

  1. Olaonipekun Funke

    The writer’s view of university menace is a core direction to the need for change in this country. I agree with the writing, we can all work together as undergraduates to make our learning environment a positive place to be.

  2. habeeb

    Reading through the article to the very end paved way for a flashback in my Fresher:s days like the writer uncovered. Let me use the writer’s diction;Admix. I give my all to this piece because to many undergraduates marred with difficulties on campus,his piece is a soothing relief,I say kudos to his pieces.Seeing him emerge is what I look forward to!

  3. Cecilia

    A thoroughbred undergraduate,if not an astute kind would have via sheer luck or nature’s imposition paid lip service to this outline by the writer,in this vein, I say kudos to this write-up. I earnestly look forward to the writer being crowned,he’s more than deserving!

  4. Adebayo Opeyemi Deborah

    The revelation of the bane and blessing of a Nigerian undergraduate by that piece got me smiling. I say kudos and bravo to the brain behind that piece. More of it!

  5. Abdulhameed Abdulrauf

    Reading through,my flair for this piece arouse,so,I got no choice other than to save the article! God bless this idea,in fact,the topic,more than fascinating:”The Universe in the University”,pregnant with meaning!

  6. Ajayi Joshua Kolapo

    Nice article to run through. I so much love the writer’s intrinsic piece. Captivating and a must read. God bless the writer’s work. More from him!

  7. Ajayi Joshua

    Gulping down the essay appeared like what’s easy to do. The article’s layout caught my interest,with this,frequenting this blog got irresistible! Big kudos to the writer!

  8. Okeke Emmanuel

    Scanning through the essay brought up the smile,I couldn’t agree less with what the writer uncovered with his article. Here,I see creativity at its’ peak. I so much fell in love with this article,prompting my reading it over and over again. I commend the writer’s effort!

  9. Kazeem Temitope

    This piece got me having a flashback on my 100L first semester days on Olabisi Onabanjo Soil.God bless the brain behind this piece.More from the writer!

  10. Nolamaruf

    The piece is of intrinsic value because it x-rayed a reader’s thought,intent from a one time undergraduate,lesson to the current undergraduate and preparedness for aspiring undergraduates.So,I say the write-up is an all encompassing type.Mah sallam!

  11. Adebayo Damilola

    The article is edutaining,the figurative use,more than a blend,the diction and revelation by the write-up set the pace. I say a hearty cheers and kudos to the writer,winning is more than deserving,an avenue of bringing out the more in him.His essays has always spun me to inspirations,I expect nothing less when He shared the link to comment.God bless your piece@ Tobi

  12. Temitope

    I have known the writer for his writing prowess,sharing this link to drop a comment on his article met me with awe,despite the hectic days here in Unilorin,reading his write-ups has always been fun.This,he dropped again,I say kudos and bravos,more ink to that pen.God bless

  13. Enitan Aminat

    The concluding part of the write up envisaged better Nigeria in the words of the writer,Change is truly a collective effort.To the writer,I give my all,to this platform,kudos for being of this great idea,pen,truly,sharper than sword!

  14. Aminat Enitan

    The latter part of the article about the collective change stirred the optimism of a better Nigeria,because youths truly are the change! The vices uncovered,we wage war against.God bless the writer and this platform for bringing out the best in all.God bless!

  15. Atanda Pelumi

    This article made me have a reminisce over my Freshers’ days,now as a Sophomore,the information passed across by the writer is more than eye opening! I say kudos to the piece and its content.Shalom

  16. Omolase

    To my best intent,the makeup and menace this article addressed serves as a guide to tertiary education aspirants,thus prompting my sending this piece for my siblings to read.Permit me to call the article an eye opener and life changing.God bless

  17. Omotayo

    I remembered those early days in Yabatech,mummy’s routine visit was a memorable moment,this article talked of a typical Nigerian higher institution of learning.School is truly to shape future and an haven for social vices,like the writer opinionated.All the best dear.My love for this piece is unquantifiable,I see you landing big awards dear!

  18. Medinah

    Nice one brother,You are always inspiring.This,you dropped this time around is dope bro,We always look up to you as an experienced mind,from onset,you have always been a role model.Your piece,we love.God bless,more from you brother.

  19. Olaleye Nafisat

    The article,an enlightenment platform,happenings on campus,the writer revealed.As a current undergraduate in a Nigerian University, the piece by the writer,an escape route to unveil sense of belonging.A stern warning to beware of all social odds at sight.I so much love this penned view,I say kudos to the brain behind this piece!

  20. Ademola

    Cool piece brother,High five,I give to you for this piece.The content bellied in your article must be read by all,even,graduates reading this,will love this as a flashback on days on campus.With your experience,I have always known you to set the pace,keep the flag flying brother.More grease to your elbow.I see you winning,the write-up will surely earn you the crown.God bless!

  21. Adeola

    Good job well done bro,I believe in you.You can’t stop being a blessing.With this great write up,winning is well deserving.God bless

  22. Oyeleke Odunayo

    Well composed article,the aura the first paragraph aired is captivating,the ending phrase invigorates,the content,more than a revelation.Anyways,kudos dear.God bless!

  23. Ojelade Rukayat

    Like a mystery,you unveil life on campus,trust me,your writing portrays the exact replica of the norms on campuses.You revealed where the youths erred and the change to embrace.Kudos and well done

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