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Why Students Fail or Have Missing Scores in Post UTME exams
19 Sep 2017

Why Students Fail or Have Missing Scores in Post UTME Exams

After spending a lot of time preparing, attending school, attending lessons, having sleepless nights and burning the midnight candle, nothing can be worse or more shameful than failing the examination for which you have been preparing or even worse, being told that your score is missing. It can be very painful. Indeed, there has been the rare case or two, where the candidate has harmed themselves or even committed suicide after such an occurrence. But after thorough inquiries, it has been revealed that the candidates themselves are usually the cause of of their own misfortunes. Indeed many a candidate has railed and ranted against the institution whose exam they took while being totally unaware that they dug their own grave(figuratively speaking), through some practices they engaged in and some silly mistakes they made. It is for this reason that I have compiled a list of the reasons why students fail or have missing scores in their Post UTME exam.


Reasons Why Students Fail or Have Missing Scores in Their Post UTME Exam

There are a number of reasons why students fail or have missing scores in their Post UTME exams. Here are some of them.

  1. Failure to obey instructions- In every examination, instructions are most sacred part and Post UTME is no     exception. Failure to follow instructions results in failure in the exam. Do what you are told and only what you are told if you do not want to fail your exam.
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  1. Overconfidence– This is very dangerous and should be avoided by all students. While you should not be scared or jittery in the exam, you should also not be too sure of yourself. Overconfidence leads to you overlooking things and making mistakes which may make you fail or your scores missing after the exam.


  1. Shading wrong personal details– When writing your Post UTME exam, you should be very careful to make sure you shade your correct personal details. These include your date of birth, jamb score and so on. Failure to shade the correct details will lead to your result missing.


  1. Shading more than an answer for a question– Unless you are expressly asked to do so(and I don’t think that could happen) do not shade more than an answer for a single question. If you do so, you will confuse the OMR marking machine and it’ll simply skip your answer for the question which makes you lose marks. Do enough of this and you are going to fail.
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  1. Spending too much time on a single question– Post UTME exams have very tight time constraints. Therefore if you don’t want to fail, you have to avoid spending too much time on a question. If a question stymies you, move on to the next one. If you have time left at the end, come back to it. Working with past questions before the exam also helps to increase your speed of answering questions. Students who spend too much time on questions suddenly find out that their time is up and therefore, they fail.


  1. Shading with 2B pencil instead of HB– The OMR machine that marks the Post UTME exam recognises HB pencils for shading. So if you use a 2B pencil, the machine may discard your scores or mark your answers wrong. In other words, failure or missing scores.
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  1. Malpractice– Engaging in malpractice is one of the most important “don’ts” of writing Post UTME exams. If you are caught, your papers are discarded immediately and you have no score in the examination.


These are some of the reasons why students fail or have missing scores I. Post UTME examinations. If you do not wish to fail or have a missing score, please abstain from the above practices.


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