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Why University Graduates Are No Better Than Polytechnic Graduates
An argument On Nairaland
why university graduates are not better than polytechnic graduates
23 Jan 2016

Argument – Why University Graduates Are No Better Than Polytechnic Graduates

When we were just talking of Discrimination Of Nigerian Polytechnic Students, another intense argument was generated on Nairaland between two education enthusiasts. The original poster (OP) listed some  10 Reasons Why A To A University Graduate Is Always Better Than A Polytechnic Graduate. Then a probably pained on-looker countered him and some people considered his points meaningful. Check them out below…


1 – Jamb Cut-Off Marks on entry into a Polytechnic is Lower than that of a University.

Counter Attack – This is no fault of the students, it’s the examination board foolishness. Wesley university accepts candidate that scored 160 even OSU accepts 180 undecided

2- University Graduates are the Lecturers in a Polytechnic.

Counter Attack – No Bsc holder can lecture in yaba college of technology, at best they are junior lecturers who supervise lab sessions

3- The Curriculum in a Polytechnic and a University is totally different.

Counter Attack – This is relative, Circuit theory is taught in ND2, while an university engineering student won’t be taught till 400level or so

4- Polytechnic Graduates Can never attain the Level of a Professor.

Counter Attack – Baseless, have you ever heard of PGD?. Even university graduates require further education to be a professor

5- Polytechnic Graduates Must have to Undergo another 2 Years in the University to get a Degree and be Really Relevant.

Counter Attack – Wrong!! Relevance is relative and in this context baseless.going to the university after hnd is a matter of choice . An HND holder need not attend a university.

6- There is Discrimination even in the Polytechnics.

Counter Attack – I don’t understand this and it’s relevance to the issue on ground.

7- Polytechnic are not Upto standard in terms of Infrastructure, Curriculum and standard Lectures wit P.hd, Profs and the Likes.

Counter Attack – This is a fallacy, it may be so in some poo called poly. But the one I attended all lecturers are profs. Or about to be.

8- Requirements to enter the Polytechnics and University Varies even in terms of S.S.C.E

Counter Attack – This untrue for my school, but since nigerià is a effed up country some substandard schools accept lesser grades..

9- Polytechnic graduates cannot get some political and F.G appointments like Directors, Perm. Sec.. Etc.

Counter Attack – Iono about this but is nigerià a fair country??. Besides obasanjo, aregbe n Co never attended a uni. So what’s the point.

10- Wats the Point of going to a Polytechnic to Study courses like History, Public Admin, Law. Etc, where wil yu work?

Counter Attack – Dumbest point!!! Do people get jobs cos of their qualifications this days??. Where were you when students who schooled in the UK were roaming broad street begging for jobs??

He was trying to point out Why University Graduates Are No Better Than Polytechnic Graduates. What is your feel? Comment below…

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