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A Sneak Peek Into The Mind Workings Of A Broke Nigerian Student
4 May 2017

A Sneak Peek Into The Mind Workings Of A Broke Nigerian Student

A Sneak Peek Into The Mind Workings Of A Broke Nigerian Student

Being in college is one of the most interesting and most exasperating experiences of one’s life (for those who choose to go through it). College life can be fun or hell depending on your approach towards it, but one constant is that it is full of struggles. The most of significant of these struggles are the financial ones, especially for students from average and below average families. Most of these students(those from poor homes) live most of their days on campus in a state of perpetual brokenness. Being broke in college is no joke and it can make your days on campus look like a vacation in hell, instead of a fun experience. Let’s take a short walk in the mind of a broke college student for us to better understand.

As a rule, he is an early riser. Maybe because when he was at home, he had to rise early to do a lot of chores or maybe the hunger simply wakes him. He considers his early rising as rote, something he simply does, never thinking that there might be some forces beyond his control enforcing the habit.

At first, he struggles strenuously with his situation. He believes his situation is temporary and things will soon change although he has absolutely no idea how that will happen. After a while though, he starts to accept his situation. He starts to wrap his mind around the fact that no miracle is coming. His view of reality shifts to accommodate the facts that have been in front of him all along. However, it is almost too late for him to decide to make his own miracles. He is already swamped with school work. He hardly has time for anything else. Frustration starts to set in. He is ordinarily a very rational person. But the star in of being broke is getting to him(trust me, it’s the hell of a strain). At least when he was at home, he was getting three square meals daily. The “101” nutritional plan is foreign to him and his body is rebelling. He feels like he is in hell.

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At this point, his mind begins to search for ways of escape. He begins to consider the options available to him to break the vicious cycle of steady hunger and constant trekking. This is essentially a make or break time for him. If he is a strong-willed individual, he tenaciously searches for ways to break the cycle despite his heavy load of school work. He doesn’t stop until he makes his own miracle. If he is a weak-willed individual, on the other hand, he just halfheartedly pursues one or two seeming solutions to his financial problems and then gives up. His mind has already conceded to the fact that there is nothing he can do. He has accepted defeat. If he is lucky, he may stumble onto his miracle in the course of his halfhearted search, not that he still believes in miracles, but most likely, he won’t.

So he relaxes his mind and embraces his situation. It is now simply a matter of survival. He wills his body and mind to change and he accommodates the “101” nutritional plan as a normal way of life. He even goes for “010” on occasion. He learns to almost infinitely stretch the meager amounts he manages to squeeze out of them from home. He swallows all vestiges of pride in him and learns how to scrounge and scrape with friends to keep body and soul together. Trekking is now second nature to him. His legs no longer feel like rubber after walking all day. His mind has accepted it as normal and so his body has adjusted accordingly. Essentially, he is now comfortable in his situation as a broke college student.

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However, all is not lost for him. He still has one thing going for him. Hope. Belief. He has hope in the future. He believes all that he is enduring is necessary for what he believes he’ll enjoy in future. So he has one more reason to get up every morning. He has one more reason to keep going even when every part of his body is telling him to stop, his stomach being the loudest. He has hope that his future is bright. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but it sure is a great reason to keep going.

We’ll stop here for now. Suffice it to say, being a broke college student is not an experience anyone relishes. Maybe we’ll continue some other time and dive deeper into the murky waters of the mind of a broke college student. But for now, I have to go work on how I won’t become a broke college student. Catch y’all later. Ciao……

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