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20 Apr 2016

Signs That You Have Wasted Your Years In The University

This is a  Guest Post submitted by Enahoro Asein A.K.A Xenon. An 100Level Chemical Engineering Student Of  Obafemi Awolowo University . You can Follow Him On Twitter An Instagram @Josh_xe.

As we all know, a university is basically an institution of learning, academically, socially and otherwise. However, this is not the case with some people as they gain knowledge in only aspect while leaving out the others. Some people actually pass through the university without letting it pass through them.

I wonder a lot of times if some so-called graduates actually passed through a proper education system. I understand that pidgin is common among undergraduates but one should at least be able to communicate properly in English. It doesn’t have to be a “Patrick Ogahiagbon” kind of sophisticated English but it should be intelligible.

This is another critical issue with some university graduates. As the saying goes, “dress the way you want to be addressed”, this is a highly important point. You don’t have to copy every single fashion trend but you should learn to dress properly. This in simplicity means dressing right for every occasion without trying to show an over trying effort.

Despite going through a university, some graduates still surprise me with their poor ability in money management. This does not fully apply to all those who had all their resources at their beck and call. As we know, the university is never a smooth ride, there are rich times and extremely broke periods. It expected that we learn from the tough times but some fail to do so which results in them handling such financial struggles poorly after graduation.

The university is a highly social environment, hence it is meant to enable students develop proper communication with others. Imagine a graduate guy who is unable to have a proper communication with a girl or worst of all unable to communicate effectively with his own “guys”. This point applies to only about a handful of persons who decide to live as introverts throughout their entire period at the university.

Contrary to what some may think, academics is an essential part of the university. Some people as a result of their indifference towards studies end up graduating without having the slightest knowledge of their clause. For instance, an Economics graduate who has no idea on how to calculate profit and loss for a small store or an Engineering graduate unable differentiate a screwdriver from a spanner.

This list is based solely based on my observations, hence may not be exhaustive so I would like further contributions. In summary, a university graduate is meant to be transmogrified as a result of the experiences and knowledge he has gained while at the university.

This is a Guest Post submitted by Enahoro Asein A.K.A Xenon. An 100Level Chemical Engineering Student Of Obafemi Awolowo University. You can Follow Him On Twitter An Instagram @Josh_xe.

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  1. Mary0243

    I have 4 carry overs at my 100 level semesters and for me nt to have again in my 200 level..I have to read more and more.
    Am really touched with all the things I see and I have learned my lesson.
    Thanks for everything

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