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22 Aug 2016

Short Bedtime Murmurings Of A Computer Science Finalist

Short Bedtime Murmurings Of A Computer Science Finalist

I am a final year student of computer science, moderately good at programming (variables, functions, classes, constants, objects, methods, operators) with C, C++, Python, Javascript, PHP e.t.c Now the problem is i can not bring myself to figuring out what to do after school, especially considering the fact that I will need to find a way of being employed and earning immediately after school because I drained my parents a lot throughout my years of studying and i honestly don’t think they can tolerate having me jobless.
So anyway after a deep research and analysis, I gathered a few options which are:
1. Become a web developer: I do not like this at all , people are very annoying, i honestly think this is one of the hardest jobs on earth. It is almost impossible to satisfy your client needs, because it is impossible to know exactly what he/she wants.
2. Hardware repair and maintenance: They are probably a million people that can do this better than me, and also having myself in a room filled with motherboards, processors, hard-drives doesn’t sound so enticing.
3. Software support: Wow! This sounds like the perfect job, but again there are probably too many people that can do it better than me.
4. Database officer: Another sweet cake.

5.Systems Analyst: x=input( "do you have any experience?" )
if(x=="no" ) :
print("Sorry you are not qualified" )
6.Networks officer: Yes i can set up a lan within an organisation, and maybe even a wan between two very close organizations with a platform that adheres to OSI or TCP/IP but i know employers will probably go for candidates with cisco, ccna, ccnp certifications.
7.Lecturer: I can hardly present in class so no no no

As you can see as a computer science graduate, i have a lot of options but what I really want is to have my own startup, build a company that focuses on solving societal problems. I wish I can just finda group of guys and start building our dream company without having to worry about poor electricity, bad internet or other stupid problems.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I just needed to write something before I slept, because when I started writing thisss I ammmm not slepy but now I am very sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.
using namespace std;
int main()


Short Bedtime Murmurings Of A Computer Science Finalist – Written By BADYEAR : A Nairalander

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