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13 Nov 2015

See Reasons Why A Student Should Read Widely

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You know, it is often said and widely accepted that leaders are readers. However, it is very important to note that what is being read matters more than the act of reading. Only readers of relevant and timely materials can eventually become leaders.

Read wide
To read wide is to read materials (books, journals, magazines, etc) that are not directly related to your course of study but are relevant in the sense that the ideas therein can get you informed and/or make you better.

It is common truth that students who spend quality time reading materials not directly related to their course of study become better than and become leaders amongst their contemporaries. This is so because reading makes available information, and information is needed to easily navigate through life successfully. Information is like a compass. If you know better, you will do better.

Students who read wide become awesome because of the following reasons:

– Reading wide will make you a better thinker
The reason it does that is because it gives you the raw material out of which you can form thoughts, find connections, build arguments, and become more persuasive.

As a better thinker, you’ll know how to form arguments, share stories and explain things. You’ll also become better at deciphering misinformation and your sense of judgment will be supercharged.

– It improves your people skills
This is best activated when you read novels or history or memoirs, because you see different personalities fleshed out. You see what the characters in the book are thinking and what their motivations are, and that expands the scope of your understanding of psychology and human nature because you’re seeing life through a different lens and seeing how people would interact with the same situations you may have interacted with but in a totally different way.

– Reading wide makes you master communication
Wish to know how to communicate better? Read more materials order than those inclined to your course of study.

When you read good writing, you begin to reflect that, you begin to imitate it, and it influences and improves your own writing and speaking skills.

– Reading wide will make you smarter
When you’re reading new books or periodicals like magazines and journals, you’re getting the latest information. Depending on the kinds of books you’re reading, you constantly get new content, new associations for your brain, new connections in your brain, so that not only is it making you smarter, but it’s making you more relevant in your social circle.

Now combining great thinking, great people skills, great communication and smartness into a student can only produce awesomeness. I encourage you to take to reading materials outside the scope of your course of study.

Put it on your timetable.


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