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17 May 2016

See These 7 questions interviewers are now asking lately

Apart from the traditional “Tell me about yourself” and “Why should I hire you” questions, here are some nerve cracking questions that Interviewers are now asking lately.

  1. How do you manage you email and how many messages are in you inbox right now?

Managing emails is a challenge for almost everyone so this answer will reveal how organized you are as a candidate and your approach to problem solving and time management. Are you a compulsive perfectionist? How do you handle communication, service and even stress?

  1. Tell us about our MD/Chairman ?

The answer will reveal how serious and detailed you  are as a candidate; if you have done any research prior to the interview. These details won’t necessarily come up in a single google search – you will need to have done some thorough searching to provide a good answer.

  1. Teach me something new in 5 minutes

This question easily shows an applicant’s communication skills. As an applicant, you should be able to express yourself, your ideas, knowledge and passion by simply displaying your ability to share knowledge.

  1. What do you think about when you are driving/riding alone in a vehicle? Also, describe youself in one word:

You response will reflect your person, values and priorities. An applicant who claims to be accountable is the wrong candidate for an art director whereas may be perfect for a role in operations.

  1. Explain wi-fi to you grandmother who has never used a computer.

This question illustrates candidate’s flexibility and ability to communicate outside of their comfort zone especially for technical roles. Can you only speak in jargon? Or are you also able to simplify and explain technicalities in layman terms? They may even substitute “wi-fi” with any technology or product they feel you should be able to explain using layman terms.

Albert Einstein  “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein.

  1. Describe your proudest professional achievements to someone outside you industry.


  1. Describe a professional situation which you didn’t do well.

When you are able to admit to a mistake and also take responsibility for a failure, you are telling your interviewer that you are able to stay positive and teachable by drawing something constructive from any bad situation.

A focused candidate will be well prepared and able to answer this question without being nervous as you have taken time to prepare for the interview.

Remember, interview questions are always designed to gauge an applicant’s personal values, behavioral, analytical, research, detail skills. You should never go for an interview unprepared.

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