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How to Score High in Post UTME Exams
19 Sep 2017

How to Score High in Post UTME Exams

Gaining admission into university in this country is a very difficult task nowadays. However, a group of people who will certainly have it easy are people who are able to score very high in their UTME and Post UTME exams. These are the two major exams that are used to screen students for admission into universities. Admittedly, everything is mostly connections nowadays, but even so, it is impossible for one to score very high in these exams and be denied admission. Students who score high in these exams usually have their names published in merit lists for certain admission no matter the admission quota or number of people applying for the same course. So how do you score high in your Post UTME exam?


How to Score Very High in Your Post UTME Exam

Since it is inherently necessary that you score very high in your Post UTME exam after you must have met the cut off in your UTME exam, here are a few tips for you to adopt to get the best score in your Post UTME.

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First, read and read and read. Read like never before. Read like you won’t read again. Read like you are preparing for a lifesaving exam. The Post UTME exam usually covers a wide variety of topics, as wide as possible. So if you want to score high in your Post UTME exam, you have to read very hard. Take time off from internet and social media and just read. Its very important.


Next, you need to work with past questions. Three things are certain in life. Death, taxes and schools repeating exam questions. Maybe not the same questions exactly but definitely similar. So working with past questions will give you a very good idea of what to expect in your Post UTME exam. Working with past questions also allows you to work on your time and speed of answering questions. Post UTME exams usually have a very tight time constraint. So you have to work on your speed and past questions will help you do that. So if you want to score high in your Post UTME exam, you need to become best friends with the past questions for whichever school you want to write it’s exam.

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Also, when you get to the exam hall, make sure you make good use of the exam duration. Maintain a constant sense of timing but do not panic. Make sure you read instructions well and try to attempt all questions before the time runs out. But do not waste time on any question. If it stymies you, move on. Then and only then can you score very high in your Post UTME exam.


Last but not least, make sure you put God first and last in all you do. Do your very best and leave the rest to God. But make sure you do your best first.

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So, implement the above tips and you are certain to score very high in your Post UTME exam. Goodluck.


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