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How To Pass First Bank Job Aptitude Tests
8 Nov 2016

How To Pass First Bank Job Aptitude Tests

Talking of Useful Tips On How To Pass First Bank Job Aptitude Tests, as expected, almost all Nigerian companies organise job aptitude tests when recruiting for open job positions, mostly at the  entry-level. These so-called tests are designed with the aim of assessing applicants for various skills and mental abilities, coupled with a view to weeding out candidates who are considered not fit for the task ahead.

Diving not away from the subject, let’s discuss some Useful Tips On How To Pass First Bank Job Aptitude Test.

Preparing For The First Bank Job Aptitude Test

As with any other job aptitude tests and exams, there are no shortcuts to passing the First Bank recruitment aptitude test. On the off chance that you want to get a high score, you have to prepare very well. Most of the time, the time frame will seem too short for you to prepare well, but, it will be enough if you’re smart.

What Is The Format Of The First Bank Job Aptitude Test

All in the name of testing some of your skills such as behavioral skills, language skills, problem solving skills, critical reasoning capacity and many more, different form of questions shall ensue, from questions on verbal and numeric ability to those on fault diagnosis and abstract reasoning. Basically, First Bank recruitment aptitude test shall be conducted by DRAGNET.

Be Smart, Practice Test Questions

Since you are already aware of the test type of the First Bank test, find practice First Bank test questions which you can get here, and solve as many of them as you can. During your practice of the job test questions, figure out your weak areas and improve on them. The more you practice, the higher your chances of passing the test.

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First Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions – PDF Download

Be Cautious, Don’t Assume

When preparing for the First Bank Job Aptitude Test, don’t ever make any assumptions like assuming that the “numerical reasoning test would be a walk over” simply because you had an A in your Mth101 in your undergraduate days. Practice all questions you see!

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Taking The First Bank Job Aptitude Test

Passing First Bank aptitude tests requires a great deal of smartness. So, you need to work smartly, quickly and accurately throughout the test.

How Long Is First Bank Job Aptitude Test?

The actual test is most probably going to be 120 minutes long; multiple-choice questions test that will help them learn about your abilities.

Equip Yourself For The First Bank Job Aptitude Test

When going for the First Bank Job Test, equip yourself with everything you will probably need, such as writing materials (pen, pencil, etc. as requested), watch, calculator e.t.c Don’t go with a calculator you are not familiar with.

Pay Close Attention To The Test Instructions

Before you jump on any of the job test questions, make sure you read the test instructions a couple of times. Overlooking or not understanding instructions clearly might automatically cost you the job, so make sure you take your time to understand them.

Be Fast, But Be Careful

During the test, make sure you work as fast as possible without compromising carefulness. The First Bank Job aptitude test, whose major aim is to know how fast a potential employee can think is usually strictly timed, and you are expected to spend nothing more than 30 to 60 seconds on a question.

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Finally, Beware Of Poisonous “Low-Hanging Fruits”

The First Bank test questions, which are expectedly going to be in multiple-choice format, needs extra carefulness. Many of the job test questions will be actually straightforward. However, some will only appear so and the solutions are not usually as straightforward as they seem. These questions are often intentionally designed as traps, to confuse you, with incorrect options that include common mistakes that candidates make. Beware!!!

Get First Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions Here


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