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25 Apr 2016

An Open Letter To Nigerian Education Top Guns – The Pain Of A Student

Take this letter as a challenge to be the change that we all desire. Why are we second class citizens in a University where we should be regarded as a student in the mother of all faculties?
So many complains from students who go to other faculties to receive lectures about the status of our faculty within the University community. They call us so many names and even regard us as failures even before assessing our intellectual abilities. Is that what we worth? Are we failures in the faculty of education?
1. Our faculty is one of the faculties or the only faculty where incoming 200 – 400level can’t check their result status online except for those in 400level that came in through JAMB in 100level.
2. We start exams late and finish much more later just because we lack proper planning. Yet they mark us down like we never read anything.
3. We take so many similar courses with different units. All this courses have equal contents but different course codes. They use all these to waist our time and energy to concentrate on some important courses.
4. The wickedness in scoring students 39, 49, 59 and 69. Adding 1 to the score to pass the student or move his grade higher won’t reduce anything but will assist the student in grading. This is one of the reason our faculty can’t produce good or better students in grades.
5. Lack of lecture venues. We have shortage of classes to receive lectures and the sport centre indoor hall is not conducive for learning. The edu hall has capacity for between 350-400 yet over 700 student will shrink up all in the name of receiving lectures. How will they assimilate while standing and sweating to receive lectures.
Rightly said by a great leader Colin Powell “Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership”.
I believe in the leadership of this faculty under my amiable leader Com. Agbojule Imole Witness. I am a soldier in your battalion, I will always bring my problems to you because you’re my leader, I have confidence in you and I trust your ability to lead well.
Look critically into my letter, I have written it from the depth of my heart without sentiments.
Thank you.
Adeonipekun Adeyanju Oluyomi Origin
#TeamOrigin #TeamGod

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